Saturday, May 9, 2009

fun time

I had a fun time at school today. Oreo did really well. Didn't take him long to get focused at all. We practiced some sequences with a lot of turning. We tried handling the same sequence several different ways, which was fun. We got to see which way worked better for us.

At one point, all of our classmates/dogs were waiting in the ring. I had Oreo outside the ring. Well, he started pulling me toward the gate. He wanted to get back in there! I thought that was great.

I got really good advice today to increase Oreo's speed. When I send him in a tunnel, I need to go way out to the next obstacle, rather than hang out at the other end of the tunnel. Then, call him to me. I didn't understand at first, but when I tried it, wow did it make sense. Oreo really came running to that jump.

I need to stop babying him, and start creating distance. Playing chase in the yard, where he has to catch me and his tug toy is on the agenda for this week.

I also got to run with one of my classmate's border collies. She wants him to get used to running with other people. It was fun. He did good, until we turned to go back toward the finish, and he saw his mom! Then, he ran right to her and forgot all about me!

Misty's class was held indoors. Too much sniffing, peeing, etc. going on with the youngsters last week. So, my teacher decided it was better to keep them indoors. I think it was a good move.

There was an 11 obstacle sequence set up. We backchained the sequence, starting with the teeter and tunnel chute.

Misty really rocked the teeter in class. She had so much confidence and speed. I had to slow her down.

She didn't want to do the chute at first, and needed it held open the first two tries. After that, she was good to go.

Misty jumped off the top of the dogwalk on her first try. Some thought it was because she saw the tunnel under the dogwalk. I'm not sure. I got her right back up, and fed her lots of treats each time she got up there.

When we did the whole sequence, Misty was awesome! She didn't miss an obstacle, except the A-Frame, which I purposely had her go around. I think it is just too high for her old bones. She did a 5 second down on the table,a flip from the dogwalk, into the tunnel. She even RAN to the teeter, and ended with the chute.

I was ready to enter her in a trial. I was so proud of her.

My teacher said that DOCNA is considering lowering the A-Frame to 5 feet for some classes, so you never know! They do have a "grand veteran" division.


Diana said...

sounds like a great class. Diana

Dawn said...

How cool was YOUR day with the dogs! GOOOOO MISTY! And good job Oreo, you little speed demon!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Oreo will do real well with the distance stuff! You can already see it in the video from your previous post. He's doing so well!

Misty rocks! It's so neat to see her doing so well in class!