Saturday, May 2, 2009


Well, I couldn't be happier with my dog. Oreo is amazing.

We did two rounds of standard today, and Oreo Q'd in both. If he gets one more Q tomorrow, he gets a title (I have no idea what all this means, but it sounds exciting!). If he doesn't Q tomorrow, we'll try for our third Q in the July DOCNA trial.

One big accomplishment was Oreo was the only beginner dog, in all height classes, to Q (qualify) in round 2! For you non agility folks, that means Oreo didn't make any mistakes (drop bars, miss the yellow contact zones, miss weave poles, pee or poop in the ring, etc.) and he finished under the alloted time. Wow!

Oreo got a bit hung up by the the various people in the ring, and I had to adjust my handling to put myself between them. That got me tangled up, but not Oreo!

Like I said, he's amazing. He got to eat grilled bison steak as his reward.

I decided to not bother trying my startline routine. I went with the ol' "drop and go". I didn't want to give Oreo any chance to start freaking out. It worked. I'm going to wait to do our "line up", until he is doing it consistently in class.

Oreo came in "first" in both runs, but to be honest it was such a small trial, I think he may have been the only dog running in that particular height and division.

We'll still take that blue ribbon though!

His time improved by 6 seconds in round 2. It was the same course, just in reverse. The judge told me that Oreo's confidence improved the second time, that is why he had a quicker time.

That was nice to hear from the judge. She was really nice.

Here's the video from today:

Here are our course maps, if anyone is interested.


Mom said...


Lian said...

Well done Oreo and Sara! Many more QQ to come!!

Anonymous said...

what a fun morning. friendly people and entertaining dogs. great job oreo and sara. all the work in the yard paid off.


betty said...

What a fun day! I don't know why I am crying. It started with Chicken Skin.
Lots of practice, patience, love, fun in the backyard, plus wonderful dogs and Sara add up to a great team. Well done!!!!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Hurray Oreo and Sara!!!!! What an awesome job on your first trial! How cool that you get to do the standard run twice. Oreo did look more confident the second time! You guys rock!

Anonymous said...

You both did lovely! Good luck tomorrow!

Diana said...

WhooHoo!! Great job!! Diana

Brittany said...

Wonderful job!! Congratulations on the 2 Q's!

madcobug said...

Congratulations Sara and Oreo. A great job done by both of you. You both deserved those ribbons. Helen