Saturday, May 16, 2009

back to the yard!

We had small classes today. Guess all the labs were at an obedience thing or a dock diving event this weekend. This equated to a lot of time on the field, and a much needed shower after class!

After spending a week working on motivation, speed, and a bit of distance work in the backyard, I wasn't sure what to expect from Oreo. I was afraid I may have over trained him.

Well, as soon as we pulled into their driveway, Oreo was crying and barking. Then, he was pulling me toward the gate of the agility field. He was ready to go.

It is hard for me to tell if Oreo was any faster in class than usual. His weaving seemed slow, and he is always slow on the dogwalk - looking around. We had some tunnel refusals, especially where there was an A-Frame/tunnel discrimination. That was my fault. My feet weren't always in the right position. or I started pulling away, or stopped my feet, etc. One of my classmates said Oreo seemed much more confident than he did at the trial.

Oreo's jumping was great. That was definitely fast. I am really excited about the jumpers course we signed up for in DOCNA in July. DOCNA's jumpers courses have only jumps - nothing else. So, the judge can actually sit down! That should really help Oreo's confidence. No strange person looming over him!

Here is a video I shot yesterday in the yard. It is a simple setup, and I have lowered my bars significantly, as suggested, to try and help Oreo gain some speed.

My neighbor came outside, with his dog, and that cause a MAJOR distraction. Misty was barking. Oreo was running around crazy. The other neighbor's dog was barking.

Misty had a good class too. We did some serps and threadle practice, channel weaves (which Misty did really good at~had the whole butt wiggle going on), and a couple 11 obstacle sequences. Misty bailed on the dogwalk again. Clearly, I am going to have to stay right next to her while she is up there. If I run ahead, she jumps! Other than that, she did great.

I ran Oreo on their last course before we left. I just wanted to make sure he would still work for me inside the building. I don't want to have to start from scratch again when the weather gets cold and we move back inside!

He did fine. He refused the teeter, but I think that was because they had rubber mats sitting underneath it to soften the "bang" noise.

So, overall a successful day! Now, back to the yard!


Diana said...

I couldnt see the video. It states its friends only. Diana

Sara said...

Don't feel insulted Diana :) I had the settings wrong on youtube. It should be fixed now.

Diana said...

That looks great!! Very speeedy. Diana

Lian said...

WOW! Oreo definitely has pick up a gear! Well done!!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Oreo is getting fast! It's so cool that he is excited to do agility when you get to class - definitely a good sign!

madcobug said...

It looked like lowering the bars did make Oreo faster. I bet that neighbors dog did create a distraction. Helen