Saturday, May 9, 2009

back to school

Yesterday, I worked short sequences, and send to table. I am still practicing an immediate down on the table (with the word "splat"). I think Oreo finally has it.

Lately, when I have been practicing with Oreo, I have tied Misty to the table. In this exercise, I couldn't quite do that. So, I just left her out there with us. I like how she went to the table with us each time.

I've been reading the descriptions for the various "games" in agility trials, and the "gambler" events require working at a distance from each other. This is going to be hard for us. In CPE, the distance starts out relatively close in Level 1, 5 feet or less. I think in DOCNA, the gamble section is 8 feet away in beginners. Yikes! That seems really far away.

Anyway, I am going to practice being further away from Oreo at home. It would be easier if I had a bigger backyard, and could spread my equipment out more.

Luckily, my teacher has a HUGE backyard, and we are going back to school this morning. Hoping the rain holds off so class will be outside.


Dawn said...

Have fun today! I hope the rain holds off for you too! Beautiful lilac!

Misty is so CUTE!

Ludo van Doggy said...

I love how Oreo runs round and round you when you work with Misty.
Have fun at class!

Anonymous said...

do any of the books give an estimate on how many words a dog can remember?


madcobug said...

They both did great. I love that lilac. I can almost smell it LOL. I hope the rain holds off for you. Helen

Sara said...

I think they have scientifically proven that some dogs (border collies) can understand over 200 words.

Nicki said...

Splat-I love it!