Saturday, April 4, 2009

whole lot of waving going on

OK, here is my ridiculous attempt at our rear cross exercise. I think a big problem was having the equipment too close together. We just weren't able to get up enough speed. I tried to compensate for this by crossing in different places - before the jump, after the jump....

However, the bigger problem is clearly my HANDS and ARMS! They are just ridiculous. In my seminar, our instructor had handed out bean bags for us to throw. You run the course without the dog, and throw the bean bags. If you are doing things correctly, the bean bags should land where you want the dog to go. I can only imagine where my bean bags would have landed if I had had them during this exercise! Probably on my next door neighbor's jungle gym.

In my last attempt, I tried clapping before switching hands. Our instructor had also suggested this. She said it is the ONLY time she suggests clapping. It did seem to help, but didn't eliminate my high hand waving.

Boy, I can't wait to go back to my agility school. I feel bad for Oreo. He is stuck with a hand flapping, waving, fool of a handler. Poor thing, he probably had a sore neck from having to look up at me all afternoon. When I watched the video, I saw that Oreo was really doing the best he could based on my arm movements. Any mistakes he made were sooooooo my fault. When I was clear, he went where I wanted him to go.

Interesting how that works!

Luckily our classes start back up again today. Oreo and I will be in the "intermediate class", that is if we don't get demoted to Misty's "beyond beginners".

Here's another video we shot this week of us working on our "start line". We're doing OK, but I'm not asking Oreo for a very long "wait" period. I'm focusing more on the set and go right now.

I think the best thing I got out of the seminar is a clicker that Misty is not deathly afraid of! I have wanted to use a clicker for months, since Lian had encouraged me to do so when teaching the elephant trick. However, whenever I used a standard clicker or even an i-click, Misty would run into the guest room and hide. She is very noise sensitive. I think it may have something to do with the fact that she had been "lost" in the woods for several days, before I adopted her. Who knows.

The instructor suggested an electronic clicker that has different volume levels and 4 sounds to choose from. I put it on the quietest setting. I tried out all the sounds, and Misty is only tolerant of the one that sounds like a cricket!

The only bad part is it needs batteries, and it cost a lot more than a standard clicker. It is called "clicker +", if anyone is interested. I found it on I think it is a Karen Pryor product.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

We think you're too hard on youself, Sara! You don't look bad - but your comments about the waving and then waving and clapping are really funny! I think rear crosses are hard to do when you don't have much space.

Hope class went well today! I know we'd feel lost without our classes!

Diana said...

I have that same arm flapping problem. I have been trying to do better and be more aware of it, but it still happens. Diana

madcobug said...

I think you did very good. Oreo takes instructions really well and he watches every move you make. Helen