Thursday, April 16, 2009

sequence 2 & 3

OK, here is a video including my new jumps. Very exciting. Don't tell Jeff, but when I put the blue and red tape on the jumps I just eyeballed it! Jeff would be appalled to find out that everything isn't perfectly symmetrical. I don't think Oreo will notice.

I set up the backyard dog course from Clean Run, and worked on sequence 2 and 3 with Oreo. We did great with sequence 3. Sequence 2 was much harder. Oreo kept going thru the tunnel at the end, when he needed to go to the jump at the opposite end of the tunnel. I tried beating him to the tunnel so I could guide him away, but he ignored me.

Maybe I needed to be more severe with my cues, although I thought yelling "O" , bending and practically getting in his face would get his attention. Maybe he was patterned from doing seqence 3, although we only did that a few times.

I'll try it again in the morning and I'll do seq. 2 first.


Dawn said...

They'd actually set up a course with a jump that close to the entrance of the tunnel and not want them to go into the tunnel??

Diana said...

Yea shelties pattern train really fast. You know when you did the few jumps to try and show oreo what you wanted , where you front crossed before the tunnel and he went with you. You should have given a treat right there at the front cross when he came with you. He had already done it wrong with running the whole course, so when he got it right, you needed to mark that right there. ( toy or treat, what ever you are using. ) By just going on he doesnt know what you are rewarding. Then when you run the whole sequence again, if he got it again, reward right there at the front cross before the tunnel, then finish running the sequence. I hope Im making sense to you. Diana

Lian said...

Glad Oreo is back to his bouncy self.

Can I suggest you put Misty in the pen/crate let her watch you and Oreo run? This gives you the 1 to 1attention with both of them. With Misty around, it is hard to get Oreo focus on you and you do not want to do it wrong too many times just like Diana said shelties learn the pattern very fast.

I am sure if you put one away but let him/her watch when his/her turn comes, they will be very keen and you will be surprised you can achieve better result.

Sara said...

Diana and Lian, thanks for your help. When I watched the video, I thought to myself, "I should have given him the chicken right after he took that jump. Diana gave me that advice just two days ago."

I also thought, one of these days I am going to trip and fall over Misty!

Dawn~yes they would put a jump there! Evil judges.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

First of all, your rear cross at the jump before the tunnel was great - Oreo read it really well! That's impressive!

I agree with what was said above. It's really easy to pattern-train me! But I love routine so then the pattern is hard to break! :) I thought doing the front cross after the jump to show Oreo the next jump was good. Mom forgets to reward me too for the smaller things. Did you listen to Susan Garrett's podcast from the other day? She said "reinforcement builds behavior" and that we should remember to "reward good choices". Mom really liked that and is trying to use it when we train. So if I finally get something right and make a really good choice, she stops and rewards me!

Sara said...

Good advice Ricky. I tend to not want to stop until the end - I like to keep the flow going - but I should reward Oreo, especially when he does something difficult.

madcobug said...

I think Oreo is a fast learner and he tries to do what you want him to. I bet Misty could do all that with a little training when you get Oreo trained good. Glad that he is feeling better. Helen