Thursday, April 16, 2009

oreo update

Oreo is feeling much better this morning. He hasn't had any more vomiting episodes, and he slept much better last night (and so did I).

This morning, we went for a walk, and then Oreo engaged in his usual half hour ball catching game with gusto.

What I realized yesterday, is that I don't know what to do with myself when I have a sick dog. My life has become so consumed with training, agility, and dog games. I found myself thinking, "What the heck did I do to occupy my time before agility?"

So, while I let Oreo rest, I took a few photos of my spring flowers.

OK, they are pretty, and I love to garden, but I'm glad I have my dog back.
Thanks to everyone for your well wishes~they worked!


Anonymous said...

glad oreo is feeling better. flowers look great. I hope spring is finally here. I like the non-destructive bunny amongs the hyacinths.


Diana said...

Im so glad Oreo is feeling better. Also, thanks for the youtube class teacher. LOL Diana

madcobug said...

Glad that Oreo is better. I hope he will soon be up to par. Those flowers are beautiful. Helen

Marybeth said...

I decided not to plant before I went on vacation, in case is didn't rain. But this weekend, I have big plans for my garden! Now that we are futher into spring, I have a better idea of what is already in there too (lots of spring flowers in front, lots of weeds in back).

I'm glad Oreo is better so you have somebody to play with!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Beautiful flowers! Glad to hear Oreo is better! Mom thinks the same things when I am sick - she misses training me and having me to walk with and everything and she has no idea what she used to do without me either!

betty said...

A health Oreo makes us smile with happy hearts.
Your spring garden is delightful.
"If I had but two loaves of bread, I'd sell one to buy hyacinths for they would feed my soul." Persian

Dawn said...

beautiful flowers. And so glad Oreo is back to himself! Katie says she's happy he's better too. She just jumped in my lap to say that. Or to say "GET OFF THE COMPUTER MOM! WE NEED TO PLAY RIGHT NOW!!"

Dreadnought said...

I'm sorry to read that Oreo has not been well,glad to hear he is on the mend now though. I can't sleep or anything when m dogs are ill, I'd rather it was me then than them that's ill. Bob.