Monday, April 6, 2009

Oreo creates a new trick

I have been trying to teach my dogs their left paw from their right paw. They are both very "left footed". So, I have been working on saying "shake" for left and "paw" for right. I figured if I did this, I may be able to finally get them to cross their right foot, as well as do some leg kicks. Rockettes watch out!

Anyway, Oreo was being so silly during our trick games today that I got the video out. Well, while filming, Oreo came up with his own trick. He is such a clever boy. This is a silly video.

Now I'm going to have to change my cue word for Oreo's right paw to "foot" or something, since I decided to call this new trick "paws". I forgot dogs don't really know the difference between singular and plural nouns. Or do they? Hmmm.

And no, I don't have a cricket in my house, that noise you kept hearing was my new electronic clicker.

It is cold and raining here today, but here is a photo I took yesterday!


Dawn said...

I still love how when Misty is being worked with Oreo runs around and around the coffee table!

Cool Design Shelties said...

Oreo is such a sweet and lovely clown and very charming! As usual Misty is the most intelligent! I love them both :o)


Orable and Charlie said...

What smart pups! (but of course, you're shelties!)


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Oreo made up his paws trick out of desperation - he was tired of trying to figure out which paw you wanted and just said the heck with it and gave you both of them! He's a smart, smart boy!

Your daffodils are gorgeous!

madcobug said...

Oreo is such a clown. So cute. Looked like Misty picked up on it quick. It's so funny to watch Oreo running around that table when Misty's turn comes. Pretty flowers. Helen