Thursday, April 2, 2009

nice day!

Jeff was lucky, he had the day off from work today and it was gorgeous out. He took some time and installed a new decorative fence behind my main garden. My old one had been damaged in the December ice storm. Here are the dogs posing in front of it.

He also built me a fourth jump. So, I was able to set up the sequence we were unable to do at our seminar. I took a video, but I'm afraid to even look at it. I think we will look ridiculous. We definitely need more work on our rear crosses. A LOT of work. Maybe it would be a good blooper reel - like Ludo's. We'll see. I may just record right over it.

I also helped catch our first rogue dog of the season. Our neighbor's dog got loose and came tearing down the hill. Misty and Oreo went berserk barking. I ran to get treats to try and lure the dog. The owner was yelling, "Come! Come!" Yea right! Ha! The dog didn't even turn his head.

Luckily, his son was able to finally catch the dog, once I had him cornered, and the dog never got close to the road, just close to the stream.

Misty loved having something REAL to bark at.
I had my dogs practice "come" from a stay on the table. You can see in this photo that Misty clearly "shot the gun". There is no way she could be this far ahead of Oreo!
Here I caught Misty just wandering into the tunnel. As though she was thinking, "Hmmmm, I guess I'll just walk through this thing on my to find something else to bark at."

Hope everyone else had a nice day too!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

We had a really nice day here too! Like your new fence! And how nice of your husband to make you another jump! We used to only have three but mom made three more this year - you can do lots more tricky stuff with 6 jumps! And they are pretty cheap to make....

Dawn said...

We had a beautiful day as well! The rogue dog's owner needs to take the rogue dog to obedience training! :) Not to say that Katie would necessarily come if she was running down a hill..but I think maybe she would. Maybe.
Nice fence! And I think you should share the video, really!

Lian said...

We have a nice day here too! Love Misty's photo going into the tunnel.

madcobug said...

Both dogs know how to pose really well. The new fence looks pretty.
We have a beautiful day here today although windy following a stormy night last night. Go ahead and show the video. I bet they looked cute doing that anyway. Helen