Sunday, April 19, 2009

my legs are killing me

My legs needed a break from agility today. I think I need to start stretching after Oreo's class. Outdoor courses require a lot more running than indoor courses.

So, I spent much of my day sitting on the deck reading a book. It wasn't even about dog training!!!

The dogs were left to occupy themselves:

"Hmmm, let me help myself to one of these towels."

"Now, what can I use this for? I could just bury it, but that is kind of puppyish."

"Mommy, would you like me to clean something up for you?"

"Here, I'll wipe off the table. I knew that elephant trick would be useful at some point. If only the chairs weren't in my way."

"Oreo always has to be doing a job. I like to take time and smell the pretty flowers."

Back to work tomorrow, after 9 days off. It feels like I haven't seen my students in forever. First day back is always good.

My second day is an all day field trip to the local planetarium. Not so sure sticking 70 ninth graders in a dark room is such a good idea. Oh yea, and then we are bringing them all to burger king. Should make an interesting blog post.....stay tuned.....


SodapopGirl said...

I love pups so much too! I put a picture of my new dog on my blog. Would you please follow my blog.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Hard to believe you are reading a book that's not about dog training! :) That's about all mom ever reads!

Good luck going back to school!

Dawn said...

Hard to believe you can read a book OUTSIDE! LOL! We still have weather too cold to be outside that it's raining again! We did have a couple of nice days, but really not warm enough to sit outside and read. Can't wait till it is! Glad you enjoyed your last day off, and am even more glad you're looking forward to going back. Kids deserve teachers that are glad to be there!

Josh and Jess said...

What???! Your book wasn't about dogtraining????? Shocking :-)

Diana said...

Good luck with the field trip. Who thinks of thses things?

Its always nice to sit and relax. But not a dog training book, shame on you. LOL

Sometimes I think the dirt outside is so much harder, and that makes the legs hurt. In side the dirt is softer and more giving. Diana

Anonymous said...

take it from someone who has had sore legs for a good part of his life. it will take a week to recover and then you get to do it again.