Monday, April 27, 2009

more practice video

Here is a video I shot yesterday, once there was shade in the yard. I didn't realize my weave poles were so crooked until I watched the video.

Poor Oreo, has to work with shoddy equipment.

I put Misty inside while I worked with Oreo. Then, brought Misty out for her own exercise. My plan was to have Oreo do a stay on the table. You'll see how well that went. I did let Oreo try out Misty's sequence, and boy does that dog love to jump.

I still think it was too hot for Misty. I was sweating. I came inside for water, and Jeff said, "What are you working out or something?"

I never "work out", so I don't know why he said that, must have been my appearance.

My neighbor apologized for the jackhammering, and said he was all done. He said, "Sorry about the noise for the last few weeks."

Well, when he was apologizing, Misty was barking her head off at him.

So, I had to say, "No problem, sorry for the constant noise from my dog!"

Sometimes it is better to be neighborly.


Dawn said...

Wow, high jumps! You're right, Oreo loves to go go go! Misty on the other hand was saying, "It's hot Hot HOT!" Glad the jackhammering is done. For heavens sake. True however, that the dog barking will have no resolution...though if he hasn't complained it's probably OK.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Oreo is doing so well!!!! Looks like he will follow you any where! True though that a 15-sec. stay on the table is pathetic - BOL!!!!!

Mom feels bad about all the barking coming from our yard, but at least we are surrounded by lots of other barking dogs so it's not just me!

madcobug said...

LOL on Oreo staying on that table. He is doing really well. It's hot here also but I am trying to not turn on the air. My goodness there should be at least a few day where heat or air is not needed. Helen

Ludo van Doggy said...

He's doing so great!!
Got a few posts to catch up on I see, lol, I hope it cools down just a tad for you. The weather is never just right is it?

Diana said...

Hey 15 seconds on the table is pretty good to me. Niether of my dogs would stay 2 seconds. Everything looks really good. You may want to lower the jumps for Misty. Love the new blog header. Very nice and spring like. Diana

Josh and Jess said...

Jessie can jump incredibly high but she's also incredibly lazy :) She'd just crawl underneath the bars!!! Josh would love it.

Lian said...

Love your new header, it is a very sweet picture of Misty and Oreo.

Oreo is looking very good, he is a confidence little dog. Did you raise the jump or something? It looks high for me.

Katja said...

Really enjoyed both Shelties ;-)