Saturday, April 11, 2009

master course

Oreo's class did a "master" course today. Boy, was there some tricky handling for me. I got lost the first run thru. Oreo, of course, was great.

We also were faced with a set of 12 weaves poles, for the first time in a class setting. Oreo didn't do all 12 consistently, but he did do them a couple times. I was told I need to stand up straight. I think I was bending over, because I was so worried he wouldn't do them. I really need to think more positively. Oreo knows how to weave, and I need to just remember that.

Overall, I was really happy with the way Oreo performed today, and his confidence level. He didn't seemed stressed out at all. There were a couple new dogs to the class, a couple papillons. They were yapping a bit when Oreo was running the course, so it was good distraction practice. Oreo did stop at the the top of the dog walk to look around at what all the noise was, but he was able to get focused back on me. My teacher said that once we get outside, those noises won't be so amplified.

She also measured Oreo. He is 15 1/2 inches. So, in CPE he will jump at 12 inches. In DOCNA, which is the trial we are signed up for, he can do either 12 or 16, depending on which group you are running in. I have signed us up for "select", which puts him in the 12 inch group.

Here is what Oreo likes to do while waiting his turn:
He has to sit very still, otherwise the chair gets all wobbly!

Misty had a good class today too. We worked on some jumps sequences, with 5 jumps, including a front cross. I actually had to do 2 front crosses to support Misty.

Misty also did the A-Frame, at full height, several times today. However, after 45 minutes, she walked right around it, so I knew she was getting tired of scaling tall buildings!

Poor Misty, the rest of the dogs in her class are puppies. They want to run, leap and jump, while Misty's favorite obstacle is the table!

I think after this session of classes, Misty will be retired from agility. At least from classes. She can still play in the backyard.


Diana said...

Thats really good that Oreo can sit in a chair and watch agility. My dog would be going a little crazy. Diana

Cool Design Shelties said...

A proud little King on his throne :o)


Orable and Charlie said...

Oreo - Master and Commander; which is which? Have a Happy Easter!

love Charlie

Ricky the Sheltie said...

A master course sounds fun - we love challenges! Good to know that you got Oreo measured and you won't have to go through the anxiety we are being on the borderline for having to jump 16 instead of 12. I always thought Oreo was about my size but he is bigger....

I don't think I could sit on a chair like that and wait my turn - Oreo's a good boy!