Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a lot of nothing....

After doing some spring cleaning, the dogs and I went outside to do a lot of nothing.

It was awesome! Sunny, warm. We were in our "summer vacation mode" for a few brief moments.

I just love watching Misty when she gets in her lazy, lie in the sun, stare into space mode. I swear she is meditating.

"What are you looking at Misty? Do you think if we stare at the yard long enough, the grass will grow? I don't understand why you keep looking over there."

"Stop pestering me with questions Oreo. You are ruining my moment."

"Mommy, Misty called me a Pest. Can she be in trouble now?"

There appears to be a lot of controversy swirling around over Sasha and Malia's new puppy, Bo.

I say, you can never please everyone. Personally, I was hoping for a sheltie in the White House.

Oreo is thrilled that they chose a black and white dog. If only they had decided to name him "Oreo".....Oh the controversy that would have created!

Let's just hope Bo doesn't let our country down and bite a reporter, like Barney did.


Ricky the Sheltie said...

You're lucky to be getting sun! It's rained all day for the past two days! No chance to do agility at all! Weather is supposed to improve at the end of this week - just in time for mom to be at rehearsals. Bummer!

Hope you keep having nice weather for your break!

Nicki said...

I love your "play by play"

madcobug said...

Cute pictures. I heard a news commenter say last night that it looks liked to him when you called a dog BO it would think you were saying NO. LOL

Dawn said...

Your two are so cute. Don't you sometimes wonder what they REALLY think about each other?

I agree, a Sheltie in the White House was the only sensible decision. Oh well. I'm sure Bo will have a wonderful time with the girls.

I could do with a little sun...maybe later in the week. Still cold and rainy here. No outdoor practice time at all and Katie is a wild dog.