Thursday, April 30, 2009

last practice before trial

I brought Oreo to a drop in class last night. I thought we'd go to one more class before our first trial on Saturday.

There was only one other dog there, a sheltie. How cute!

My teacher set up a level 3 CPE course. Oreo did really well. Our only problem was the weave poles, which was unusual for us. Oreo has always been so consistent with his weaving. However, the past few weeks in class (and home) we've only been doing 6. Last night there were 12, and Oreo kept popping out. I kept bending down, and becoming more exaggerated with my handling. I'm sure that exacerbated the problem.

My teacher told me, what everyone else always tells me, stand up straight! Why don't I listen?

So, today in the backyard, I did some more practice, and Oreo did fine with the weaves. In the trial, we will only have to do 6 poles.

I plan on doing no agility tomorrow. Just play ball and tricks. It is supposed to rain anyway.

I left class feeling good. Oreo seemed to have a blast running his butt off. I know I did. He is so much fun to run these courses with.

I am not nervous about his ability to do any agility aspect of the trial, it is all the distractions I am concerned about.

Here's a video of our backyard practice today:

Isn't Misty looking peppier now that the weather has cooled? Maybe it was all the chicken she got for her birthday!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

You guys are looking great and very well prepared for your trial! Good luck! We'll be so excited to hear all about it and to see the video too!

Diana said...

You guys look great! Good luck and have fun. Diana

LauraK said...

Your practice looks great! Good luck at your first trial, how exciting!

Lian said...

Good Luck! I am sure Oreo will do you proud, he is such a good boy.

madcobug said...

They both did really good. Looks like Oreo is ready for Saturday. Helen

Dawn said...

Have fun tomorrow! I'll be flying to DC but will think of you! Can't wait to hear all about it! GO OREO!!!! (Misty looked really good too!)

betty said...

Have fun on Saturday! Oreo, you're amazing!

Nicki said...

GOOD LUCK, and late happy birthday to misty