Tuesday, April 28, 2009

in the dog garden

My dogs have their own garden. Well, it wasn't originally planned that way, but like everything else around here, they've made it their own. I think they like being able to "sneak" behind my white picket decorative fence, it gives them some privacy. Plus, it is up a slight hill, so they are up higher than the rest of the yard. Once there, they do a lot of sniffing, tasting, and lounging.

In their garden grow wild myrtle, forget me nots, coneflowers, black eyed susans, and wild flowers. I don't tend to the area much, but it is pretty and cool. I've installed a path there for the dogs, since they were already making their own path anyway.

The hot weather has started to turn things green, blue and yellow around here. So, here are the dogs in their spring garden.

Sniffing flowers, or grazing like sheep?

"Whatcha doing in our garden Mom? Can't you go spend time in your own? This is our territory"

Queen of the garden

For all of you who made comments about my jumps looking "high", they are set at 12 inches, which is what Oreo will be jumping in his trial this weekend. In some venues, he would have to jump 16 inches! That seems really high!

I usually have Misty jump with the small dogs in her class at 8 inches. So, I probably should have lowered the jumps for her, especially since it has been so hot.

I think I may have Jeff score the PVC at 8 and 12 inches, that way I can move the jump cups between those two positions for when I am working Misty, or when it is especially hot. I'd use a sharpie, but I think that would just wear off.


Diana said...

You know what I thought you were going to say, "like everything else around here, its gone to the dogs". Thats funny, the jumps did look high. I would have never guess they were at 12 inches. Sorry. Diana

Dawn said...

Your dogs are so pretty...always together. They must love being around each other, as long as the treats are evenly divided! LOL!

madcobug said...

They look so cute sniffing flowers in their garden. Helen