Sunday, April 5, 2009

a class like no other

Our agility class this week was like no other. Oreo was out of sorts to start. Couldn't get him on task at first. Guess having a week off wasn't good for him. He avoided about four obstacles, then finally got focused on me. By our third run, he was good to go.

After our first run, one of our classmates took her turn, and something happened. I think she may have tripped over her dog. All I know is her dog went in a tunnel, and next thing I knew, I saw my classmate face down on the ground. It was horrible.

Her nose was bleeding all over. The three humans who were still standing, began running around trying to get towels, ice, etc. I hunted for her dogs' leash, and got him in a crate. I'm not good around blood.

She was eventually able to get up, make it to a chair, and ice her nose.

The rest of us did a couple runs with our dogs! Saying, "make a noise if you need us!"

Soon though, it became obvious that the swelling was pretty bad, and my teacher made the decision to drive her to the ER.

My remaining classmate is an instructor, so she instructed me, and then did some work with her dog.

Oreo did well, but I am unable to send him into tunnels. He has never really been into tunnels. So, that is our homework for this week. Tunnel, treat. Tunnel, treat. I think Misty will be thrilled with that activity!

Oreo kept dropping a bar during a series of two jumps, then a tunnel. She said it was because I was turning too soon to send him to the tunnel.

Boy, the dogs really notice every slight movement of your body.

She said that Oreo is also ready for me to start distancing myself, especially during weaves. She actually drew a line in the dirt that I wasn't allowed to cross. She was right. Oreo still weaved, even though I wasn't close to him.

It was so great having someone tell me what to do - after a couple weeks of aimlessly working in the backyard!

Misty's beyond beginners class had only one other dog show up. There would have been three dogs, if our classmate hadn't fallen.

Misty and the other dog are polar opposites. Misty is slow and pokey. The other dog is crazy fast and impulsive. That dog will be a great agility dog.

Misty is a great couch potato! Still, Misty did a good job, and she did charge through the tunnel! At least I have one dog who loves to tunnel.

We worked the dogs on a low teeter. At one point, Misty's classmate got scared of the teeter noise, so Misty had to do the teeter, while the other dog got a treat each time it made the "bang" sound. Imagine that - my noise sensitive dog, helping another dog, overcome a fear of the teeter!

We also worked on sending the dogs over two jumps to the table. Misty lacked confidence, and wouldn't let me send her from anywhere further than halfway from the last jump.

You can see in the videos that I am back to my purple fleece jacket and hat! Where did Spring go?


Nicki said...

what if you throw his orbee for him as he comes out of the tunnel? I bet he'll start wanting to go through them!

Sara said...

Good idea Nicki. I have been using treats, instead of his orbee lately when we practice agility in the yard.

Maybe it is time to go back to his number one reward - the BALL!

Diana said...

I hope you classmate is ok. I was reading on someone eles's blog, I cant remeber who, that someone fell at an agility trial and knocked themself out. Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

That's terrible about your fellow classmate that fell! Gosh, hope that never happens to mom!

You guys are looking real good in your practice videos! It's so great to have stuff to work on when you come home from a class!

Dawn said...

We had a lady trip in agility too. I think it's a pretty big risk, with the human running, the dog running, no one looking at where their feet are going. I actually said, OUT LOUD, "Yea Misty!" the first time she jumped up on the table with you back at the jump! Katie thinks I'm crazy.

Cool Design Shelties said...

I like the "butt" video :o)


Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

fuzzy sheltie butts are cute!
your pal, Morgan