Sunday, March 1, 2009

targets, weaving, and more snow

I was so excited about seeing the sheep I forgot to write about our classes yesterday!

Oreo's class was good. We did a lot of jumping practice, with some more front cross work. Then, we did some weave pole and teeter practice. Oreo does all that with no problem. The other dogs, are still learning weaving, and a couple are getting over teeter fears/issues. Oreo has no fear of equipment - just of other people and dogs!

Then, we ended class doing a bit of sequencing. Just as Oreo started up the A-frame, a whole bunch of people walked into the building. Oreo went back down the A-frame, on the wrong side, and I had to refocus him. Oreo did get back on track, but was not truly confident. I was impressed when he held a "down" on the table, which was very close to all the people. The only thing he wouldn't do was the last jump, which would have had him jumping right toward the crowd.

My teacher said that even with all the distractions, he was still tuned into me. So, I guess that was good. I am going to keep working on ways to keep him focused on me when there are major distractions like that.

Misty's class was fun. We started with the tunnel/chute and some elevated dog walk practice. At first, Misty refused to do the chute at all. I was confused by her behavior, because it isn't like her to refuse to do something. After her third refusal, I decided to take her leash off. Lo and behold, she went right on through the chute.

My teacher's assistant was helping us on the dogwalk, while my teacher was working with us on the chute. She wanted us to stop baiting the targets, and treat the dog after they hit the target. Misty did not really hit the target the first few times. The teacher said to me, "You really need to be practicing targets at home." I told her, "We do everyday!" The next time around, I moved the target closer to the end of the dogwalk, and told Misty "target". Misty looked around to see if anyone was watching, and then gently put her paw on the plastic lid. Duh, I thought. The target had been placed farther out for dogs doing a nose touch. Misty couldn't reach it with her paw.

The instructor saw what I had done, and she moved the target closer for me each time, and Misty did her targets consistently. Everyone, including my teacher, said, "awwwww" each time Misty put her paw on the target. Misty really is cute when she does it. Too bad you don't get points in agility for cuteness.

Then, we did some short sequences of two jumps and a table. Misty had no problems doing that. The other sheltie was so funny. He just did not want to get on the table. Then, I thought back to what I had to do, a few months ago, to get Misty on the table. Boy was I glad I taught Misty ahead of time! We would have taken up the whole class' time. Misty had been terrified of the table.

We did a small amount of channel weaves, and then a couple targets on the bottom of the A-Frame. By then, the dogs were wiped out.

Oreo was not very quiet in his crate during Misty's class. There were more dogs in Oreo's class this week, 4 including Oreo. So, I think he didn't get his fill of agility. Oreo was clearly annoyed that Misty was out on the equipment and he wasn't, and he made sure everyone knew how he felt. Oh well.

Here's a little video of Misty practicing her targets inside. Our backyard is an ice rink again, although a lot has melted.

Here's a video of Misty doing some weave poles in the hallway:

We're supposed to get 6 inches of snow tomorrow, so at least the dogs will be able to play outside again for a few days. I can't wait to try out my new car's 4 wheel drive in the snow!

However, there are buds on my lilac bushes, I can see the green tips of my daffodil bulbs, and I heard a flock of Canadian geese this morning, flying north. The snow won't be around long. Spring is on the way. Soon, I'll be complaining about the heat! We really don't get much of a spring here, it can snow right through May. Typically, we go from winter straight to summer around May 20th or so!


Ludo van puppy said...

og Misty does so good! She really is the sweetest. She reminds me a bit of Penny, has a sort of 'am I doing it right?' look whereas the boys are real bolshy. :D

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Sounds like Oreo did great in class - it is good that you taught him so much on your own! He'll get over worrying about the people and the other dogs. I finally did (mostly).

Misty seems to be doing really well too! She does have the cutest target ever! And she does weaves with no treats? If mom tried to just give me a pat instead of a treat, I'd quit working for her immediately!

Read on Diana's blog the comment you left about your parents driving home from FL in the bad weather! Hope they are safe and go slowly (or stay in a hotel somewhere for awhile!)

Dawn said...

I love how Oreo runs around, jumps on the sofa and waits at the top of the board until Misty gets her treat. And the end of the video where he barrels down the board, sits, looks around, and then puts his foot out on the target! They are so cute!

Hope your parents got home alright. My brother in Alabama has snow today. No fun for them!

Sara said...

Thanks for your concerns about my parents! They are planning on staying in their hotel in Savanah until noon today, and then heading up to Virginia. Hopefully, things will start clearing up by then.

Us northerners tend to forget that they lack snow removal equipment in the southern tier. Our roads are usually passable at all times, although slow going.

Lian said...

Misty is coming along nicely now, her target reminded me of my Skye who likes to use a paw to "scratch" the target.

What can I say about Oreo? He is a little star!

madcobug said...

I bet it is hard teaching one while the other stands back. I get tickled at Oreo getting into it too. Misty is doing really well and they both are so cute and sweet. They mind you so good. Helen