Sunday, March 22, 2009

seminar 2

OK, doing an all day seminar, after a half day afternoon seminar was tough on Oreo. He was really wiped out by the afternoon. But, we both still learned a lot. We worked on front crosses, some more start lines work, table work, and rear crosses. Doesn't sound like much, but it was.

Oreo did really well on all his front cross exercises. I was so happy. He didn't seem nervous at all, even though there were lots of people, dogs, and new sounds.

Unfortunately, by the time we got to the rear cross part, Oreo could barely move. I had to pull him out of his crate when it was his turn. It is hard to do a rear cross when your dog is unable to get ahead of you, because he is so tired! Oreo just wasn't responding like normal. One of our regular classmates said, "Finally, Oreo isn't doing something perfectly!"

That's when the instructor told me not to work him anymore. I think that was a good idea, Oreo clearly had had enough.

My teacher was at the seminar, and she told me we could work the exercise in our next class though, when Oreo has energy.

Things we need to work on:
-an immediate down on the table, we may have to call it something other than "table" now
-start line "ready, set, go"
-back crosses

Things we were told we are good at:
-start line routine~spin right, left, figure 8, beg~gets him focused on me, and having the same routine is always good, plus he associates those things with playtime
-good relationship based on play
-front crosses

I know Ricky's mom has been looking to get the "explosion" from Ricky on the start line. The instructor gave a couple ideas for that. At home, have someone hold your dog back, while you face your dog (a few feet away) holding a treat. Once the dog offers some sign of struggle to get to the treat, say "go" and the dog is released. That way, you are training the "set" and "go". The "set" is the struggle.

Another way works if your dog likes to tug. While your dog is tugging, get him to release the tug. Stop the play, and then offer the toy and say "go" as he is about to lunge for the toy. This is all done very fast. Play only needs to stop for a couple seconds. It is kind of hard for me to explain.

I've been working on it with Oreo's ball.

She also suggested "go" is not the best word to use, since you use the word a lot. "Start" is actually a better word, or another word you don't use very often.

Misty got to spend the day with her Daddy. They took a drive to Coxsackie together to pick up a motorcycle. Yes, Jeff sold his other one on EBay. The bike was at a farm. Misty met the resident dog, sniffed him, and promptly peed on their lawn. Good girl.


Dawn said...

Wow, you finally wore out Oreo! Poor boy! Bet he's sleeping now! You learned a lot, and so did he, so don't worry if it's all overwhelming now! Just enjoy your time together! Glad Misty got some Daddy time too. Always important!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Thanks for the extra info on startlines from your seminar - we appreciate it!

Sounds like Oreo did great! Two days of a seminar is a lot - no wonder he got so tired. Rear crosses are hard for us because I don't get ahead of mom much. I like front crosses - they motivate me to move faster!

It's cool that you have some specific stuff to work on now - we like that ourselves!