Saturday, March 7, 2009

pay at the pump

The big news in our house this week was that our local convenience store finally has "pay at the pump"!

This means two things:

1) If this is big news, we clearly lead very boring lives.
2) We hate to wait in line.

For years, I have avoided buying gas at this store, because when you go inside to pay for your gas, you risk getting stuck in line behind someone buying lottery tickets. Has that ever happened to you?

I don't buy lottery tickets myself, but from what I can tell, it is a very complicated procedure. In my experience, it can take upwards of 15 minutes to buy just a few tickets, especially if the cashier makes a mistake inputting the numbers into the machine! Then, once the person is done buying their regular lottery tickets, typically they start their order for scratch offs. Here in NY, there must be at least 20 different varieties of scratch offs. So, the poor cashier has to stand in front of the display, looking all over, as the patron says, "No, not that one, the one over there, that one...." I mean, does it really matter? Your odds are pretty much the same. Slim to none.

So, when I drove by the store on my way home from work last night and saw the sign, "Pay at the Pump is here," I was so excited! I have been driving a good 4-5 miles out of my way, and paying 7-10 cents more a gallon, just to avoid the "lottery line".

I told Jeff the news, and he was just as excited. What boring lives we lead. We get excited over a credit card slot at a gas pump.

This week at work, I got 2 "chain letters" in my mailbox. I hate chain letters!!!!!! Do you know what was in them?

Scratch off lottery tickets! I was instructed to buy 6 scratch offs, send them in the mail, and then I should get 36 scratch offs in return.

I broke the chain.


Rohan Shelties said...

LOL, what irony, huh? I didnt know people still SENT chain-letters!! I've had chain-emails, but nothing actually sent by mail! Thats crazy! In regards to pay at the pump: it's the little things in life that make all the difference. I mean, that 15 mins waiting in line inside could have been spent practicing agility with your AMAZING SHELTIES!!!

Take care,
Sheltie Hugs,
Sheltie-Mom Jenn, Heidi and Shelby

Diana said...

I sometimes get chain letters in my email. Ugh! Its werid because its from a friend of mine but she never sends me regular email. I always just delete them and say some bad words. Hey, pay at the pump is one of the greatest inventions. I use to have to take my kids out of the car ( when they were little) and go pay inside. What a pain in the neck. The next two great inventions were cell phones and drive through pharmacies (sp?). No more bringing a vomiting, sick kid into the store to get their medications. Cell phones, no more being trapped at home waiting all day for a doctor to call you back. LOL Diana

Marybeth said...

In Jersey you pay at the pump, but you also have to wait 2 days for the guy to get his butt out of the store and come pump the gas for you. I miss self-serve gas! It is so much faster (at least with pay at the pump)

betty said...

Hooray,encouraging news! Maybe "Pay at the Pump" will be coming to my station, too.
We don't have lotteries in Hawaii, but phone card buyers hold up our line. There are so many choices and new cards come out weekly. Swip and go is great.

Painter Pack said...

We thinks the chain letters were the lottery's way of sticking woos one last time! My mommy won't go to a station that doesn't have the payment at the pump. Otherwise she'd have to leave me alone in the car...and I get furry upset when that happens...and sometimes drop a bomb. I'm just saying...

Mya Boo Boo

Lian said...

Pay at the Pump is ever so conveniece especially when you are in the rush and there is a long queue at kiosk!

I can't believe there is still a chaice letter going on!!

Dawn said...

I won't go to a station that isn't pay at the pump either. Most of ours are, just a few way out in the country that haven't converted years ago. I don't like being in the convenience stores, sometimes bad things happen in those places! Plus I'd never leave Katie alone in the car either. So I'm glad you're now got a place close by that is convenient in a real way!

madcobug said...

I hate chain emails. God is not going to punish you if you don't send it on to a certain amount of people. If you are going to have bad or good luck it isn't because you did or didn't send the email on. I get a lot of those. I am another one who always breaks any kind of chain emails LOL. I have never heard of the lottery ticket one but did get one about the dish towel. I broke it also. Also broke the one about recipes.
Have a nice day. I hope the mud gets gone in your yard by today so the dogs can play outside. Helen

Josh and Jess said...

Some places here have pay at the pump but generally you still pay in the store.

'Blog doesn't exist'? - Crazy message indeed!! I wonder if that happened while we were in the midst of changing the templates around... we had a few hiccups and lost our blog roll twice, it was pretty frustrating but I think we've cracked it now.