Tuesday, March 3, 2009

my old car

Jeff brought my old car, my good, sweet, reliable, fabulous, 10 year old, trouble free car to a friend of his yesterday, to see if he was interested in selling it on his car lot.

Well, he took one look at the interior and said, "Are you trying to sell me a car, or a dog kennel?"

Apparently, he was a bit turned off by the vast amount of fur and piles of dirt on the seats and floor.

Of course, Jeff's friend knew a good deal when he saw one, and is taking the car. He will have it professionally cleaned, and all that precious fur will be sucked up by a vacuum. The doggie smells will be gone. The dents, dings, and peeling paint will also be repaired, along with the broken antenna.

Overall, it will look like a brand new car. Sad. It will lose all its character.

I wish I had taken some photos of all that fur and dirt, there was literally an inch of dirt (thanks to our indoor agility school) between the two back seats.

Good news, my brand new car is already christened with dog slobber and fur. Yes, it is starting to have character, life. My life.


Diana said...

I think my car is cleaner than my house. Isnt that scary! Diana

Rohan Shelties said...

LOL, as much as I love the doggy character of my car (both inside with the dirt and Sheltie fur) and the outside (with the dirt and Sheltie stickers) I do have to say that easy cleaning was one of the major reasons I bought my element! On the occaisons that come far and few between when I do try and clean it, I like how it doesnt have carpet and can be hosed out! I am sure glad that you are enjoying your safer 4-wheel drive car =0) AND Im glad that your old car can be resold. When I dropped off my old car and pick up the new one, the guy at the dealership told me that my old car (which I LOVED) would be cubed!!! Thats right! Stipped of any good parts, put into a machine, and made a square peice of scrap!! I BALLED when he told me...Only now do I see the irony; the car I drive now is also square!
Take care,
Sheltie Hugs,
(crossing fingers winter is almost over so the real agility season can start!)
Sheltie-Mom Jenn, Heidi and Shelby

Sara said...

I would have cried too! How sad!

BTW, I rarely clean the outside of my car - I believe the dirt protects the car from rust! I never washed my other car and it had absoltutely NO RUST, after 10 years of being covered in rock salt.

Diana, I don't count dog hair as "dirt", if that makes you feel better about your house!

Matron said...

Funny, I just feel right at home when I get into a car that is covered in fur and smells of dogs!

madcobug said...

Doncha just hate to see an older car go. We orderd some custom made seats covers for our car that helps repel dog hair because ours ride in it a lot. We put them on ourselves. Of course it's not completly hair feee but it sure does help a lot. The floors still catch a lot of hair though. One of ours dogs really sheds a lot even if she has short hair.
Have a nice day. Helen

Josh and Jess said...

Dog slobber and fur - could be our car!!! Only ours also has dried vomit under the passenger seat...the joys of being a Dog mom, eh?

Dawn said...

It always makes me sad to see a car go. I get so attached. Glad the new car is doing so well for you though!