Wednesday, March 11, 2009

is he a genius?

I took Oreo and Misty out for another practice drive with the seat belt. I wanted to take a few short drives, before going to agility on Saturday.

I locked Oreo in his seat belt. He barked a few times, whimpered, cried. Then settled. We came to a stop light, and I glanced in my rear view mirror. I saw the woman in the car behind me laughing.

Weird I thought, she can't see the dogs. Can she?

I turned and looked. Oreo had his paws up on the back of the seat peering out the back window. Ha, ha.

I didn't think the seat belt would allow him that much range of motion.

Oh well. I kept driving.

A few moments later, I heard a lot of movement, then saw a black and white flash.

Oreo flew over the front arm rests, which were in the up right position, and was sitting shotgun beside me. Oreo looked at me, as though he had narrowly escaped being eaten by a pack of ferocious lions.

"Look what I did Mommy! I'm a Houdini! Can I drive the car now?"

OK, I know this dog is smart. But smarter than a seat belt? He has no thumbs.

I pulled into a parking lot. I checked out his harness, and it was in perfect condition.

So I thought he must have stepped on the seat belt release button, and pulled up on the seat belt at the same time. Right?

I put him in the back seat, much to his dismay ("No Mommy, the lions might get me!"), and tried to buckle him back in. I tried again and again to get the seat belt latch to lock. It wouldn't. Great, my new car already has a broken seat belt. Super.

I do a bit more looking around. Then I realize, no, I was using the wrong seat belt. I had been trying to buckle the center belt into the window passenger's buckle. It wasn't a match. Duh.

So, my dog isn't a genius. Clearly, neither am I!


Dawn said...

OK, I have to stop laughing long enough to say....maybe Oreo SHOULD be the driver! LOL! And what was Misty doing during all this? Probably being a good girl like always...

Sara said...

I'm sure Misty thinks Oreo and I are both completely crazy. Poor thing - she thinks we're out for a nice ride and Oreo treats the car like a jungle gym.

Misty is such a good girl. Always has been.

Diana said...

Well I didnt want to tell you this but..... Guiness could always get out of his seatbelt harness. No matter how tight I made it. The harness was still connected to the seatbelt , he just wasnt in it. So I had to go to a crate. He really was Houdini! Diana

Nicki said...

too funny, that's about as good as when I discovered my electric gate was not actually hooked up to the fence-no wonder the horses weren't afraid to touch the fence!

Lian said...

I just can't stop laughing reading this post! I have to say Oreo clearly is smarter than you! Sorry Sara but I just love him!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

There's nothing better than starting the morning with a good laugh! Very funny, Sara!

Cool Design Shelties said...


Oreo is such an intelligent dog :o)


us four gatos said...

bahahaha! that is so funny and somthing maw would do.

hi! meeting new freinds today. we are four cats and a PUG.

madcobug said...

That was so funny. I thought surely he had unlocked the seat belt and I would bet he will be going that before you know it. Helen