Wednesday, March 25, 2009

half shade/half sun

I wanted to recreate the sequence we had not been able to complete at our seminar on Sunday, due to Oreo's exhaustion. However, I was short one jump and a tunnel. So, I did my best to recreate it with the equipment we have. Maybe I can get Jeff to make me another jump this weekend.

Here is what we worked on today, sorry that half the video is in the shade and half is in the sun, but that is what happens at 4:30PM in my backyard:

Oreo was throwing up all morning, and I came home from work to several more piles on the floor. I gave the dogs a new food yesterday, so I am hoping that was the cause. Clearly, he seems fine in the video! Why do dogs always puke on carpet, not on vinyl floors? I'm hoping he keeps his dinner down.


Dawn said...

He looks good in the video. Hope it's the new food. Are you going back to the old stuff to check the theory out? Misty just wants a treat! She does the jump then skips the tunnel to be more efficient! :)

Sara said...

Yes, I'm not giving him anymore of that food. Don't want to risk it. I won't give it to Misty either.

Brittany said...

He looks great! Hopefully it was just the food.

I don't know why dogs puke on the carpet rather than the floor! I had a puppy in training once who would go back into her crate to puke, which was really easy to clean up! She was a smart girl!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Oreo is doing really well - seems to be following your cues and everything! Good job!

Gosh, I hope he stopped throwing up and is feeling better. What kind of food was it?

I always, always vomit on carpet too!

Ludo van puppy said...

Ludo says Hope Oreo is feeling better. Carpet just feels better on your feetsies when being sick.

From Dee: He's doing so well! I love the way Misty just selects the easiest parts to do. :) What size does he come under? Our trainer thinks Ludo'll be a medium. Even though it's only our second class, have to think of these things... haha.

Diana said...

He does look good on the video. I hope he is feeling better today. Diana