Saturday, March 14, 2009

graduation day

I'm sitting on my deck typing this post! Yes! It is fifty and sunny. Misty is finding various places to bask in the sun. While Oreo is walking around, wanting me to play with him. Apparently a long walk, half hour of ball throwing, and agility class isn't even enough to wear this guy out!

Today was graduation day for Oreo and Misty at agility school.

Oreo's graduation entailed doing a couple "jumpers" courses. This was new for us. It was all jumps and a couple tunnels. Oreo did really well, and was able to follow some tricky handling. I had to redirect him a couple times, but I'm sure that was due to my poor handling, not him!

My teacher told me that I looked really good, and that I was "a natural". I think it is Oreo who is the natural, but I'll take the compliment.

At the end of Oreo's class, our teacher gave us all stopwatches with our school's name on them. Wasn't that sweet? Now we can time ourselves when practicing sequences, and it will also help us when we walk courses for gamblers.

Speaking of gamblers, I entered Oreo and me in our first trial today. It is a DOCNA trial, that will be held at our school, but outdoors, the first weekend in May. My teacher suggested we do a strategic time gamblers, along with the standard. We signed up for one standard on Saturday, and then a standard and gamblers on Sunday. We'll see how it goes. I know Oreo can do the courses. What I don't know is how he'll react to the people, judges and other dogs. That's why I thought if our first trial was in a familiar location, at least we wouldn't be throwing, "new place" into the scary equation. DOCNA has a division that allows "training" in the ring, that is the one we will be doing.

Misty's class was small today. Several people couldn't make it. We practiced the dogwalk and A-Frame at full height for the first time. Misty did the dogwalk with no problem. The A-Frame, not so good. I didn't have her get up enough speed her first try, and she couldn't make it up. The second time, I lured her with treats and she did it. The third time, she refused to go up it.

So, my teacher lowered it back down to 4 feet for us, and the other sheltie. That did the trick.

At the end of class, we did our graduation sequence. Nothing really hard, but I thought Misty did great. It was the longest sequence she has ever done, and I do think she had fun. When I walked back to the start line to get her leash, she followed me, and did all the jumps on her way without me even knowing about it.

Misty's class all got squeaky toys as a graduation gift. Humans got cupcakes.

My teacher video taped both Oreo and Misty's graduation sequences and as soon as she gives me the DVD, I will post them. However, our classes don't start back up until April.

Oreo and I will be doing our seminars next weekend.

Here is the video I shot in my back yard the other day.

Although I brought the deck chairs outside, I still have not put the deck snow shovel away. I know better.


Diana said...

Good for you guys. 50 and sunny? Im jealous. We have 43 and raining. What a rude awaking after all week of 85 and sunny. I would rather have a nice weekend than a nice week day. Sounds like you have a very nice teacher. Congrads! Diana

Ludo van puppy said...

Congratulations on graduating Oreo and Misty! Yay no more snow!
I like how when it be Oreo's turn Misty does not do extra work. Does that mean girls is smarter than us boys?
~lickies, Ludo

betty said...

CONGRATULATIONS to Sara, Misty and Oreo!
"Agility Mom", you are having so much fun you just might be driving to Bloomsburg in the fall. (As you can see, I did some homework as to what DOCNA is all about.)

Dawn said...

I love the duo agility team you have! Congrats on graduation!


Congratulations on graduating. Our friend Tosca lives in upstate NY. Dad was born in Buffalo, raised in Ohio and lives in Key West, FL. You sure have a pawsome looking yard in the photographs.

Essex & Deacon

Matron said...

I just loved watching your clip! I went to Crufts last week and watched the flyball and agility finals - nailbiting stuff, and those dogs just love life, don't they?

Dawn said...

I saw a woman today at the fun match with two shelties. I wondered if they worked together, but they didn't and neither of them was as talented as your two!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Hey congratulations on graduating from agility class! And how exciting that you and Oreo will go to your first trial in May! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Also looking forward to the graduation videos!

Lian said...

Congratulations on your graduations day with Oreo and Misty. They are big boy and big girl now and is about to do some more advance stuff.

Looking forward to hear about your gamblers trial.