Thursday, March 5, 2009

a good day to garden?

OK, now my parents are probably going to gasp when I say this, considering they just returned from their two month excursion to Florida yesterday, but I actually did some gardening today.

The yard may look covered in snow and ice but,

..... my garden is completely exposed! It was 40 degrees, it's March, and I just had to get my gardening supplies out of the shed and put them to use. So, I spent a good half hour, just cleaning some debris out of my gardens. It was great!

The dogs putzed around the yard, sniffing stuff. I think they were quite happy to be outside, without having any other planned activity. Can't remember the last time they got to hang out, without me engaging them in some sort of game or lesson. Poor dogs.
Here's Misty keeping an eye on her Daddy. Jeff took the "warm weather opportunity" to pull a couple motorcycles out of the garage, and do whatever it is he does with them. The other night, when it was still snowing, I went to pick up Jeff from work. I had my "all wheel drive "on, and we saw a guy actually riding a motorcycle in the snowstorm. I guess he figured, "It's March, I'm riding." Luckily, Jeff just pulled his bikes out of the garage. He'll wait until a good rainstorm removes all the rock salt and sand off the road before he dares to venture out on one.
However, I believe Jeff was outside taking photos of his new bike. Photos of the bike he spoke of as being, "The last bike I'll ever need. You watch, I'll have this one for years." Well, taking photos can mean only one is heading for Ebay. If you know Jeff, this is no surprise. I should have put money on it.
My Dad always jokes, "I'm surprised Jeff hasn't traded you in for a new model yet."


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Mom did some gardening today too!!! But we don't have any snow any more and it was at least 50. So she's not quite as crazy as you. :) I had a really good time just hanging out in the yard too!

Dawn said...

Hmmm...gardening sounds good. On a walk around the yard today with Katie (we don't have any snow either except near the driveway where we piled it up) I did notice quite a bit of stuff I should get cleaned up. Hopefully it will stay warm for a bit.

madcobug said...

I used to love getting out and working in gardens when I was physically able to. Looks like the dogs were enjoying themselves. Riding a cycle in the snow would be torture to me. But we have been fishing several years ago when it was spitting snow LOL. Let us know if what you think is true about hubby and ebay LOL. Helen

Marybeth said...

That bike will be sold before your car! Jeff is so funny.