Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dance & Spin

Today was below freezing, so we were able to play in a mud free yard! Yea!

Prior to today, after taking a walk, we were stuck inside doing tricks. I was inspired by Dee and Ludo's figure 8 trick, so I consulted my "Dog Trick Bible" for teaching instructions. The prerequisite is to teach the dog to "weave" between my legs first. So, Oreo and I have been working on that for a few weeks. Obviously I can't call it "weave", so we call it "dance".

Here is a video of our progress, along with Misty doing her "spin. This has been very hard for Misty. She is not a typical, circling sheltie, and spinning is not something she does naturally. So, I am very proud of her progress. Wish I had video of when she was first learning, so you could see hard it was for her to just turn her neck to the side. Now, I am teaching her to "turn", which will be spinning the opposite direction. I thought it would be easier, second time around. Nope. It is like teaching a whole new trick. Weird.

I did do some agility outside with the dogs today. I'll try and post some video of those antics tomorrow. Misty has now become obsessed with teetering. Must be something in our water.


Ludo van puppy said...

I LOVED at 55 secs where they were in sync. :D They could be a HtM duo. lol.

Ludo prefers to go left. Aren't they too clever for their own good! Ludo has the problem of trying to do everything at once, we're learning the shake head no thing, but he's backing up and sticking his leg in the air at the same time. lol.

Diana said...

Wow, very good. Below freezing, Yykes! Diana

madcobug said...

Cute outside pictures. The video is so cute, It is clear that those two really love you and try to please you. They love those treats also LOL. Helen

Josh and Jess said...

It's so precious seeing Misty do all this! Jessie is a great fan of hers :-)