Friday, February 27, 2009

no internet

I got home from picking up my new car last night, and our Internet was down. For over five hours! None of our three computers would work.

We called our Internet provider and found out there was a wide spread outage in our area, but there were technicians "working on it".

It was horrible. I felt so out of touch. What if people were posting things on their blogs, and I was missing out? What if people had left me comments or emails and I was unable to read or answer them? I couldn't check the live doppler or the hourly forecast in anticipation of our morning walk! Jeff was unable to check on any leads he might have for work the next day.

Boy, it is hard to believe that not too many years ago we lived completely normal lives, without the internet. What the heck did we do with ourselves? I don't remember.

I remember hating dial up, and the first day we got broadband. That was pure delight. I think I jumped up and down.

The other day, one of my students asked me a question, something I didn't know the answer to. I said, "Let me google it." Within a minute, I had the answer. I thought, "How awesome is that?" When I first started teaching, I couldn't have done that. We didn't have the internet back then. At least, not in our classrooms. I had to put in a floppy disk to run a spell check on microsoft word!

I'm sure the dogs would be happier if I spent less time on the internet, but hey most of their treats and toys get ordered online. I don't see them complaining when I open up the cardboard box printed with a dot com on the side, and its full of goodies for them!


Cool Design Shelties said...

I have it in exactly the same way, feeling totally lost if my Internet is down! So I can easily understand how you are feeling!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

So did we live without the internet!

Diana said...

I can so relate to this post. I remember when we had dial up. I use to tell my husbnad that I could drive to the library and go look up the information faster. LOL. When we got cable internet, I was impressed. Just hit the button and bam! It was there. Diana

Dawn said...

Even AT the library we love the internet! LOL! We were just commenting the other night how much easier it is to find stuff in data bases, (even GOOGLE, but don't tell anyone!) and other places online. We were asking the same thing; what did we do before? Actually I think maybe the homework assignments for middle school and grade school were simpler in the old days because they were more limited in resources than they are now. Maybe.

Great picture of Misty! She has the most beautiful coloring!

madcobug said...

I hate it when the internet goes down, make you feel lost. Ours was out for a while yesterday which wasn't so bad because it was storming and I don't like to be on the computer when it is lightening. Ken said the other day that he might as well throw away his old dictionaries since the internet is here.
Thanks for your comment on my blog, plus your Prayers, they mean a lot to us.
Have a nice weekend.

Ludo van puppy said...

I feel totally lost without the internet. Especially having recently moved away from my friends etc. Mine always seems to vanish when I need it too, like when I need to post something and need the address from ebay.

Nicki said...

We have that " how did we live before the Internet conversation" frequently at our house. It just makes eveything so simple and easy. No phone calls, no letters, no encyclopedias...