Sunday, February 1, 2009

is it spring?

It is 43 degrees, and feels like spring today. I was actually hot outside running around with the dogs, and had to take off my gloves and unzip my jacket. I could have taken my jacket off, but I needed my pockets to stuff stuff in (can you believe I majored in English in college?). Every one in the neighborhood was outside shoveling without coats on. A couple degrees warmer and we would have all been in shorts! I bet people will be grilling outside for the Superbowl (I'll be watching the Puppybowl on Animal Planet).

This morning I bought an item at the Home Depot, which we had used in class yesterday to encourage the dogs to "go on". It is designed to hold various screws/bolts, and is called the "ClearCan". We filled it with treats, showed it to the dogs and then threw it over the jump. There is an opening at the top, which you can squeeze and the treats will come out. Oreo was receptive to it in class, so I bought a couple for home. I knew exactly where they were in Home Depot, because I have spent countless hours hanging out in the bolt aisle with Jeff. Did someone say BORING? Every time Jeff builds a motorcycle, we have to look for shiny bolts, and it takes forever to find the right ones!!!!! Home Depot never has the ones he needs, and we always end up at the local hardware store. Jeff spent $40 today on the tiniest bag of bolts, and that is not even enough to put half the motorcycle together! The bikes Jeff builds are absolutely gorgeous, but does anyone really notice the bolts? Hope the guy buying the bike notices them! Anyway, I felt happy about my $5 purchase of two bolt holders for the dogs.

Here is what it looks like, if you are interested in trying it, they were $2.38 a piece at my Home Depot:

You can see someone likes the bolt can.

I used it today in the yard, before I switched over to Oreo's ball, and he was really enthusiastic about running after the bolt container.

I took this video after the dogs were already quite exhausted. Oreo was doing really well with our "go on" practice, so I wanted to get it on video before I brought them inside for a nap.

Must admit, it was nice not having to run as much! Notice how I pretty much just stood in one place. Don't know where that airplane came from! We rarely hear planes at our house, just cars and trucks.


Diana said...

looks great! Diana

Anonymous said...

if it is so boring, why do you go? does jeff ask for your advice? Hmm. I doubt the shopper consults the non-shopper.


Sara said...

I go for the Starbucks, of course! Sometimes, I help look for the right sizes, but I'm not much help. The aisle is very overwhelming! Usually, I end up sitting on one of the step ladders (if there is one available), and admire the cans of WD 40. During the first chopper build, there was a cool commerative edition can of WD 40 that I really thought we should buy as a collectors item, and am still kicking myself for not buying. I haven't seen one since!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Never heard of a Clear Can but it sounds like a great idea and cheaper than buying some stuff made for dispensing treats. We may have to get one!

Love your Spring widget!!!!! Just wish the days would go faster and then slow down once spring and summer get here!

Orable and Charlie said...

Looks like loads of fun! I remember snow - what a delight! Have a great week.


Dawn said...

Great job! I'll have to look for those bolt holder things!

Lian said...

As you are turning Spring, we are back to winter again!!

That can works like a magic! I used children's coin ourse and stuff with treats, so the dog chase the toy and we have a little tug.