Sunday, February 15, 2009

the dogs go shopping

Jeff wanted to go to the Tractor Supply store today. We don't own a tractor, nor do we need supplies for one. Jeff assured me they had lots of cool stuff there, and he thought we could bring the dogs in the store. So, I thought it would be a good opportunity to get Oreo out and about to a new environment and to see new people.

We walked in the store, and were greeted warmly by the staff. They told us about other dogs who had come in recently and peed on their feet! Then, they told us about other dogs, and even a sheep (gasp!) who proceeded to poop around the store. Clearly, they did not care that our two small, potty trained animals were in the store. In fact, I think they enjoyed having the dogs come shop!

Both Oreo and Misty were shy around the nice people, but they sniffed the strangers hands and allowed brief touches. They didn't act like friendly, slobbering Labradors, but I was happy that neither ran the opposite direction.

Once we had spent some time there, and heard all about everyone else's dog, I decided to show off a bit. I had Oreo lay down and cross his paws. He did. Twice, with every ounce of cuteness in his precious soul.

Here in a strange place, with a bunch of strange people, my timid, shy dog was performing!

Just an hour earlier, Oreo had refused to "go potty" in his own backyard, because our neighbor happened to be outside in his yard! Oreo just barked his head off, and ran inside.

I can't figure him out.


Diana said...

I like the tractor supply store. They have lots of interesting items. I like looking at the horse stuff. I dont own a horse and have never riden a horse but I still like looking at it. Diana

Sara said...

I went down the horse aisle, and said, "So this is where you buy this stuff!" I work with a few "horse people".

I admit - I liked the tractor supply store too!

Dawn said...

Oreo might not be all that shy...what's a guy to do when there's a neighbor that might be marauding near his yard? Pee, or do his duty and scare the villain off?
Good job Oreo!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

I've been to the Tractor Supply store! We bought electric fence posts there to use as stick-in-the-ground weave poles. And a lady who worked there was so upset that they didn't have dog biscuits to give me that she went an found Ritz crackers and insisted on giving me a treat! I didn't complain!

Ludo van puppy said...

Ludo greets people like that too, it's quite weird for me having had a nutty spaniel! Sounds like Oreo's a bit of a show off. haha

Dreadnought said...

Yes I like tractor supply stores, I don't think most people realise whats in them which is understandable I suppose.

madcobug said...

Good doggies and sweet Oreo for performing for you in front of them. Helen