Saturday, February 28, 2009

baby sheep

I was the first to arrive at my agility class today. My teacher's husband was there helping set up the equipment. He said, "You should get these dogs out with our sheep and see what they do, they might surprise you." They both talked about how herding dogs sometimes really thrive when allowed to do what they were bred to do.

Then, they told me their barn was full of baby sheep. 15 baby sheep, only a couple weeks old.

I just had to go see them after class. I walked in the barn by myself, and immediately all the sheep started "baaing". Some of the sheep were behind wire, but some were just roaming about. I hoped they were friendly sheep.

Luckily, my teacher's husband walked in, and saw that the sheep had gotten loose. I helped hold up some boards and wire while he "herded" them back where they belonged. There were not only baby sheep, but some young jersey cows as well.

One sheep was "dumb", and not drinking from her mom, so she is being bottle fed. He picked her up, and I got to pet her.

All of the sheep were very friendly. One even gnawed on my jeans. OK, maybe that wasn't friendly. But, I loved ever minute of it all. Walking on the thick hay, the incessant baaing, the wooliness, the way they nosed right up for a cuddle.

Luckily, I had a camera in my car, and was able to snap a few shots:

notice baby in back drinking from her mama
I named this sheep "Oreo"

I'm not sure what the dogs would do if given the opportunity to be with some sheep, but I'd be willing to try it.


Dawn said...

I bet they each react totally differently with sheep. Hard to predict though. These are adorable photos! I love barn smells too...mostly.

Lian said...

Those sheeps are so cute, I like the "Oreo" sheep! I think you should Oreo and Misty a try to see how they react to them.

Brittany said...

Oh, those sheep are so cute! "Oreo" is adorable! I really think you should see what happens when the dogs get to see the sheep! I am sure they would love it!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Mom loves lambs! You were lucky to get to hang out with them. But Oreo and Misty would love to do some herding!

madcobug said...

Since he offered to let you try out the dogs I surely would let them try to see their reaction. Great pictures. Helen

Cool Design Shelties said...

Baby sheeps are so cute :o)