Friday, January 30, 2009

New TV

My Dad made a request for me to post photos of our new TV. Weird.

What is it with the male obsession over big TVs? Is it genetic? If so, it must be linked to the gene where they also are obsessed with watching men ram into each other on the field/rink/court, and driving cars/motorcycles/bicycles on endless laps to nowhere, with secret hopes they will see them ram into each other or crash into a wall.

I guess the bigger TV, allows them to see all this ramming, pushing, shoving, circling, and crashing better!
New TV in "Jeff's Room"
The dogs watching their favorite programming - themselves!
endless road to nowhere
Oooo, looks like there may be a crash!!!

OK, don't tell Jeff, but the TV is really nice! The picture is great, and it does take up a lot less room than the old kind, with the big rear end.

So Dad, when the Tour de France is on, feel free to come on over, and watch the sweat drip off the riders in all that high def glory.



Dawn said...

The bigger TV will make watching the dogs' videos all that much better! There, it's justified! :)

Diana said...

It looks very nice. I cant get a new TV like that. The one I have now is pretty new, but if I got a flat one, what would I put in my beautiful TV cabinet ( that cost way to much money).

Lian said...

Very nice big TV of yours!

Anonymous said...

it was not as big as I thought it would be. jeff showed remarkable self control and he put the trash at the end of the driveway.


betty said...

Jeff's TV sure beats our 13" Panasonic with a converter box attached. It may be time for me get a "real" tv. Enjoy!!!

madcobug said...

Nice one. Men like TV's because they can surf channels also. LOL. I hope you both enjoy it. Helen

Ludo van puppy said...

hehe, the best kind of show. Very nice tv. :)