Monday, January 26, 2009

Misty caught the bug

Something happened overnight. Misty caught the agility bug!

I came home from work today, and Misty was raring to go on the agility obstacles. She was flying around the yard, without the treats! Don't know what has brought this on...perhaps the cold weather?
I just had to post another video to show her enthusiasm. Even the teeter was done without luring her with a treat! Not even one in my pocket!

Our course set up was less than ideal, but I was trying to fit everything on camera.


Lian said...

Hehe, she looks extremely happy in that video!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

That's awesome!!! Misty is doing great and all this activity must be so good for her!

madcobug said...

I felt like she had it in her. She looks so cute stopping in the right spot on the teeter totter(spelling?)She still has a lot of agility for her age. A job well done. Helen

madcobug said...

PS. Sara, my husband wants to know if you would mind telling what kind of salmon treats you give Oreo and Misty. We were giving ours the chicken tenders treats from Walmarts then a vet came on TV telling they were dangerous to your pets.
Thanks, Helen

Ludo van puppy said...

Woo! Go Misty! I love that first photo of her too.

Dawn said...

How exciting. I started laughing out loud (literally) toward the end of the video when Oreo JUST CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE and you've got both of them going through the chute, then he and Misty are going opposite ways in the tunnel!