Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Letter Game

Oreo and Misty been asked to play the Letter game by Josh and Jess, our sheltie friends in NZ.

They gave us the letter "O", hmmm wonder where they got that idea? Now we have to come up with 5 things we like, don't like, or anything that comes to mind that starts with the letter "O".

So here goes (in the dogs' own words):

1. ORBEE- Oreo says, "Its the best ball in the whole wide world, universe, galaxy, etc."

Misty says, "I hate that ball, I'm constantly getting bonked on the head with it."

2. OLD Mother Hubbard Bac N'Cheez biscuits - our 7:30PM snack, that we constantly have to remind Daddy to get up and get us. Geez....what a dog has to do to eat around here.

3. ODORS - good, bad, sour, sweet, foul...bring em on! We love all odors, except cayenne pepper. Achoo.

4. OUTSIDE - love, love, love to be outside!!!!!!

5. OBEDIENT - Ha! That's funny. Mommy thinks she is teaching us to be obedient, but really we have her wrapped around our paws. I mean really, look who's picking up the poop around here.

So, now we are going to ask our buddies in the UK (we'll keep it an international game), the Knight's shelties to play, and give them the letter "S"!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

"O" was a good letter for you! Oreo and I are a lot alike, it's true, except that I don't understand his fascination with his orbee - I'm just not that interested in balls .....

Dawn said...

"O" Boy, these are good words! Very descriptive! We're still thinking about our assigned "D" words...

madcobug said...

Good answers to that game. Cute picture. Helen

Josh and Jess said...

Good answers from the two of you :) Thanks for playing with us!!!

Josh and Jess