Thursday, January 8, 2009

give a paw

I was inspired by Lian's post of 3 of her shelties learning how to cross their front paws.

I had a snow day today(another ice storm), so I thought I would start teaching Misty and Oreo.

Gasp! I've never even taught Oreo how to give me his paw! So, I had to start with that. Luckily, Oreo picked up on that pretty quickly. Give a paw, is the one trick Misty knows. Whew!

I decided to start with a down and give a paw, without crossing. It seems like a pretty awkward position for them to be in. Neither dog really wanted to lift their paw up at first. Eventually, they got it.

Tomorrow, I'll start working on the "cross" command and doing the hand lure like Lian did. Making a video allowed me to see that Misty is definitely a lefty, while Oreo prefers his left paw, but is a bit more ambidextrous. This will help when I move on to the cross command.

Here is a video of our progress so far:

Oreo is such a camera hog. Luckily, you can at least see Misty's paw! I apologize in advance for my annoying kindergarten teacher voice. I don't know where that comes from. I teach high school, and if I ever spoke to my students in that voice they would lock me in a closet. If I had my new video software, I would be able to edit my voice out! Hopefully, I'll get the software in the mail tomorrow, but it will be a day too late for your ears.

Clearly, we still have some work ahead of us, but I thought the dogs were so cute lifting their paws up. Anything for a Zuke's mini treat.


Josh and Jess said...

I've started work on this as well. I'm pretty good giving my Ma my paw but I find the cross command real tricky. I have a lot of work ahead of me still.


Lian said...

Good job Oreo & Misty!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Looks like they are getting it! Mom taught me based on the method in this video:

We don't use a clicker but mom says "yes" as a marker and we used a post-it as the object I learned to touch. I am usually a "righty" but for cross paws I am definitely a "lefty". Good luck!

Dawn said...

I learned a lot from this, and was glad your voice was there, to see what you were using to cue them. I think I'll see if I can teach Katie to give me a paw...

Sara said...

Thanks for the link Ricky. I may use that method with Oreo. He seems to be having trouble with the hand lure. Although Misty almost has the trick down already.

Diana said...

I love to bubble comments. They had me laughing. Diana

Ludo van puppy said...

We're learning this too. Ludo was getting up like Oreo at first too. He's got it until we cross over and then he goes over on his side for some reason. Guess he thinks it's easier! What software do you have now? I always love the speech bubbles, they make me laugh.
Dee (Ludo's mum, he's busy sleeping :p)

Sara said...

I did the speech bubbles for this video right on you tube, when you go to edit mode, chose annotations.

The software I've been waiting for is PowerDirector by Cyberlink. It does some fancier speech bubbles.