Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dad was right......

It is very cold here today. 7 degrees Fahrenheit this morning when I brought the dogs outside to play. That's -13 Celsius, for all my readers outside the US. Why is the US the only country not using Celsius? We are so resistant to change it is pathetic.
I had to put the dogs' boots on their feet today, otherwise ice balls would have built up so fast I don't think they would have lasted outside longer than 2 minutes. They look so cute in their boots, but I couldn't take any photos in my subzero mittens. The boots worked, we were outside for at least a half hour playing, and doing some snow agility.
Speaking of temperature. Today, Jeff bought a temperature gun. He bought it for several reasons, mainly to prove to my Dad, a science geek, that our tile floor is definitely colder than our wood floor. Dad says the two floors are really the same temperature, room temperature that is, even though the tile "feels" colder.
Well, we aimed the gun at the wood floor, and it read 63 degrees, 17C (yes we keep our house cool - I hate to pay for oil!). Then, we aimed the gun at the tile next to it, and lo and was 63 degrees as well.
Should have known dad was right. But hey, we have a cool new tool now. I can let you know the temperature of anything, at anytime. Should be fun in the summer!
We aimed the gun at the dogs, and they were 72 F, 22C! No wonder I like it when they cuddle next to me......

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Josh and Jess said...

Wonderful pictures of the two of you sleeping! We like your resolutions, especially the one about barking (more) :) :) Happy New Year, Oreo and Misty.