Monday, December 29, 2008

no snow - for now.....

The snow has melted for today, but more is on the way for tomorrow. Snow will eliminate the mud, so I won't mind. I am tired of cleaning 8 paws every time the dogs go out. We did get outside today to walk, play and did a small bit of agility practice. It has been awhile since Misty has been on the teeter, as it has been covered in snow. She did pretty well on it.
Misty's motto: "Will do agility for jerky"

"Oh, here I am walking this tilty board thing again. I wonder if I will still get jerky if I jump off it right now? Better have it make that bang noise, just to be sure....."

"Ohhhhh, I'm gonna get it....."

"Yes, I got it! I'm so good."

"Wheeeeeee, I'm flying!"

"OK Mom, I'm jumping over this bar thingy, where's my jerky?"

Note to Diana: For these action photos I had my camera dial set to "TV". On this setting, you can change your shutter speed with the dial that is next to the button you use to shoot photos. It was very gloomy outside, so I set my "ISO" to 1600 (that has to do with light), and my shutter speed to 1/640. I think I could have used a lower shutter speed and gotten brighter photos, but I was happy enough with these. It is winter. If you have a brighter day, you would go with a lower ISO number. I think....

If any real photographer feels I am giving Diana the wrong information, please correct me!


Lian said...

Love those action photos, especially the one of Misty jumping.

Diana said...

Thanks so much Sara. Im going to try some shots today. Its sunny!!! Diana