Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A little rusty...

Well, the snow is gone until tomorrow morning, when we are supposed to get 6 inches.

My parents have been staying with us while they wait for their power to come back on. The dogs have been loving having them here! I brought Oreo outside to play this morning before I went to work. Misty opted to lay by Grandpa and see if he would share any of his breakfast with her, rather than play with me. Misty has also spent a lot of time cuddled up on Grandma's lap. Hmmm, I think there are some loyalty issues going on here.

Anyway, this afternoon, I dug our jumps and weave poles out of the shed for forty five minutes to see if the dogs remembered how to do agility. Seems like forever since we've been able to do aglitity outside! Then, I had to put them back in the shed since there is another storm coming....Annoying.

Here is a video of Misty working on her teeter and weave poles. She is doing good, and is so sweet. At the end, you'll see Oreo and I work on a couple back crosses, which we are successful at, but then Oreo totally avoids doing the teeter, or does it in fly off mode! I think we're a bit rusty.


Dreadnought said...

Hi Sara, I like the picture at the top of the page, I wonder what they're all running after? I think the thing we put on top of the Christmas tree is an angel really, it just gets called a fairy for some reason. Bob.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Yea, it's hard to keep the agility training going in the winter....only 3 1/2 months till spring!