Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Oreo!

Today is Oreo's 2nd Birthday!

It was this time a year ago, that I set up a couple broom sticks, and an open cardboard box in my hallway, and began what my students would call "ghetto agility" with Oreo. Here is a video from last December of my "Ghetto agility":


We've come a long way in one year. What a fun year it has been! As a result, I have met so many great people, locally and in cyber world. Who knew a dog, and a game called agility, could change my life in such a positive and fun way!

Here is a little video compilation of Oreo's second year, with some puppy shots thrown in (he was so cute). Oreo traveled to Maine, learned to teeter, went over 6 foot walls, tunneled, played ball, played some more ball, and even supervised our bathroom being remodeled.

(there is music if you like Michael Buble')

Happy 2nd Birthday my little boy! You are pure joy!

Before I had this blog, I used to send out "Oreo mail", to mark Oreo's growth as a puppy. Here is an email I sent out in early March 2007. So, he was about 10 weeks old. He was such a little puff ball. Misty looks huge compared to him in these photos! According to Oreo's baby book, he was 5 pounds in these photos.

Oreo says, "Now I have a friend my own size..."

But, I still would rather play with Misty....

I think I can climb to where she is...

Ok, maybe later...

If only I were bigger...

Guess I'll have to play with Mommy's slipper instead.


betty said...

Happy Birthday, Oreo.
Much ALOHA and PONO. You are very KOA. (love; goodness; brave)
Watching you grow and learn is fun.
I didn't get the "ghetto agility" video but enjoyed the photos of Oreo's second year.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Happy Birthday, Oreo!! You were such a cute little puppy! Your mom made a very sweet video with all your photos - we love the agility action shots but our favorite photo is the one where you are turning your head to the side like you don't want to smell the black-eyed-susan-type flowers!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Dreadnought said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Oreo! I wonder if you had any nice presents? Dogs do lots of great things for mankind. Bob

Diana said...

Happy Birthday Oreo!! Great picture show. Diana

betty said...

On my second try, my computer cooperated and I got to watched the "ghetto video" 1000 balloons of happiness celebrating the joy Oreo and Misty share with you!

Ludo van puppy said...

Happy late birthday Oreo!!