Saturday, December 27, 2008

Post Bath Routine

After looking at all the photos of my dogs in the snow, I noticed that their white fur wasn't so white....

Must be time for a bath.

My first sheltie, Munchkin, used to be quite manic after a bath, running around rubbing against everything trying to dry off. I always said, "I should get this on video." I never got around to it.

Oreo does a similar act, although with a bit less gusto. Today, I got the video out.

Now their black is black, and their white is white again. Until tomorrow that is. Temps are rising, snow is melting rapidly. Our backyard mud pit will be back. What was I thinking?


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Cute! I do a bath dance like that too! Mom was threatening me with a bath today but I think the rain and mud predicted for tomorrow saved me!

Diana said...

Guiness does the same thing , going crazy. Racing all over the house and try to rub on everything. Funny. Diana

betty said...

Does Oreo "Dance till Dry" when he comes in from the rain and after playing in the snow, or is this something that only follows a bath?

Sara said...

Sometimes he does it after coming in from a heavy rain storm, but not with as much enthusiasm.

Saw on the news that you were without power for several hours! Glad to see you've got your juice back on, and your coffee maker working :)