Thursday, December 11, 2008

6 Things I like....

I was tagged by Diana to write 6 things that Oreo and Misty like. I decided each dog had to do their own list.

6 things Misty likes (in her own words):

1. Getting the good spot on the couch between Mommy and Daddy.

2. Having my back arm pit (er, leg pit) scratched.

3. Barking at the neighbors, especially when the mean lady next door says, "NO BARKING!" Hee, hee. She told me once that I look like an old man, and I haven't like her since.

4. Grandma! She gives me buttered toast cut in cubes in a bowl, really good meat, and lots of other stuff my mom doesn't even know about.

5. Staring at Daddy at 7:30PM, until he gets up and says, "snack time!" The staring is quite effective - works every time.

6. Finding some really good smelling stuff on the ground, then rolling my face in it! I just wish my mom wouldn't wash it off so quickly and ruin my fun.

6 things Oreo likes (in his own words):

1. My ball. Catching it in mid air.

2. My other ball.

3. Teetering. Playing agility games in the backyard.

4. Attacking any towel that Mommy is using to clean stuff. Stealing it, and then hiding it or burying it somewhere.

5. Having Misty chase me and tackle me on the ground.

6. Riding co-pilot with mommy to agility class. (If only Mommy would let me drive - I know I could do it.)

I tag Brittany to write 6 things Patriot or Hobbs like!


Marybeth said...

So Cute. Despite my lack of dogs, I can certainly identify with a boy who loves:

1. My ball
2. My other ball

Boys are great (both dog and human boys)

Dreadnought said...

Hi Sara, if only humans were happy with such simple pleasures. My Tippy used to be mad about balls when she was younger, her eye sight isn't so good anymore though so these days she contents herself by using Tommy as her pretend sheep and spends half the evening trying to herd him in to a pen behind the couch. Bob.

Sara said...

One of the many good things about dogs is they remind us daily to appreciate the simple things in life - a ball, a tasty snack, a cozy spot, just being outdoors, a long nap....

They are a gift.

Tippy sounds really entertaining and smart!

Sara said...

Sounds like I got Theo the right Christmas gifts! Balls, and more balls!