Saturday, November 1, 2008

a warm meatball

Oreo and I had another great class today. I just love our teacher.

Every so often, she would bang the teeter on the ground, in an effort to desensitize the dogs to the sound. Some dogs get spooked by the loud bang, and it echoes due to the acoustics in the building. She was worried Oreo would be scared of it, because he is such a shy dog. I assured her the teeter bang has no effect on him at all.

The teeter bang did really scare one of the collies. He got stressed out, and his owner had to take him outside for a romp around. When they came back, our teacher got down on the ground and fed him a handful of warm, fresh meatballs, and talked sweetly to him. The teacher makes the meatballs herself, and keeps a microwave in the agility building to heat them up for the dogs, when they need that extra special reward.

This class just gives me that warm feeling, that I had when I was in nursery school myself!

The dogs are just loving it, and are learning so quickly. Even the dogs who have had little experience with the obstacles were flying through the sequences.

It is amazing what positive reinforcement, and a warm meatball will do for a dog.

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