Sunday, November 30, 2008

Vote for your favorite!

I took a video this morning of Misty doing a sequence using her new skill, the table.

Sorry about the lilac branch being in the way! I didn't notice it on the screen when I set up the shot.


Here is a video of Oreo doing the same sequence. You'll notice he is going a little bit faster, and almost trips me at one point.


Which dog is your favorite? Keep in mind Misty has been doing agility for just two weeks, while Oreo has had about 10 months (however we've only had professional instruction for the past 3 months)!

Oreo has been giving me some tunnel refusals lately, especially when I am on his left side, leading with my right hand. I have had to resort to tossing his ball into the tunnel to get him to go. Otherwise, he comes to a dead stop in front of the tunnel. If I am on his right side leading with my left hand, there is no problem. Strange. We'll be working on that this afternoon.


Diana said...

Both dogs are doing great. Oreo looks at your hand alot during your run. One thing you can try is putting the ball at the end of the tunnel or sequence and send the dog. That will build more confidence in your dog and get him to focus ahead and not at you. Keep up the good work. Diana

Sara said...

You are so right. Oreo is obsessed with the ball!

I have been trying to work him more without the ball in my hand (I have to hide it in my pocket), and just use it to reward him at the end.

I am beginning to learn the importance of him becoming more independent. Although, its hard for a mom to let her baby go :)

Ricky the Sheltie said...

We like both videos but have to say that Misty's is our favorite because she is able to ignore Oreo and focus on you and the obstacles - don't know how she is so good at ignoring Oreo when he is right there all the time! It's really cute!