Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Target Practice

Here is a video of Oreo and I doing target practice on the A-Frame. We also do one "running contact", which we learned in our previous class.

Comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I feel like I may be clicking too late sometimes, but I don't want to click until I know his front feet are on the ground. I also have a difficult time managing the clicker and treats sometimes, since I am unable to use my left arm.

OK, I admit I have no physical reason why I can't use my left arm. There is nothing wrong with my left arm, but for some reason it just hangs there like it is unattached to any actual brain activity. Therefore, I render it useless. I think it needs therapy or training of some sort.

Here is another video with some jumps and tunnels thrown in. There is a tunnel on the right, which unfortunately doesn't appear on the screen (the disadvantage of a tripod -its stationary).

I learned by watching this video that I need to keep running after the A-Frame. I don't want Oreo to get in the habit of stopping after the obstacle. Again, any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

I also noticed that anytime my face pops up on the screen I have a big smile on my face. I didn't realize that I am smiling the whole time.

It reminds me of this summer, when Jeff and I drove past my Dad riding his bicycle in Maine. My Dad had a huge grin across his face. I would have been grimacing in pain, but he was loving his ride (for those of you who don't know my dad, he lives to ride his bike). That's how I feel when I do agility with Oreo.

Now I get it Dad!


Diana said...

I need some more information. Are you doing a 2 on /2 off or a running contact ? I dont know if you are trying to fade the targets but I would bait the target ahead of time and send the dog. One, you dont want the dog looking at you when he is coming down the a-frame. Plus you dont want the dog dependent on your body motion to do the obstacle. So I would vary your body motion more. Lag behind or run really fast to be head or pull off to the side etc. If you are doing a running contact, I would bait to target send the dog and keep runnning. The dog should grab the treat and keep going. I dont know if any of this helps ( seeing how I have my own problems with the contacts). Some times its easier to see what other people are doing than yourself. Keep smiling, thats what its all about. Diana

Sara said...

I usually do bait the target ahead of time, but since I brought Misty with me, she was eating the treats before Oreo could get there. So, I was baiting them as we got there.

Oreo was looking at my hand, because that's where the treat was.

Thanks for the tips! I will work on my body motion.

Diana said...

You can also put a small tupperware container with the food in it at the bottom. That way the dog knows its there but cant get the treat unless you open it. But still very effective. (Unless you need them to eat it quick and keep going). Diana

Sara said...

That's a good idea - and one that is "Misty proof".

I think I need to stop focusing on where Oreo's feet are, and pay attention to where his nose is. If his nose is on the target, his feet should be in position.

I will be working on that before our next class.

GeeRome said...

Just stopped by to say that you have beautiful dogs!! (Of course, I have yet to meet an "ugly" Sheltie, so I might be a little biased haha) Good luck with the training!