Sunday, November 9, 2008

oreo gymnastics

Here is a video for my nephew, who likes to watch videos of Oreo doing "gymnastics". I thought he might like to see Oreo coming through the tunnel, so I started with that.

It is pretty much a video of us just playing in the yard with our agility equipment, we are not working on anything specific. I think some days you just have to play and frolic.

In the end, you'll see Misty just can't stand it anymore and has to get Oreo involved in a good chase around the yard. That's Oreo's favorite activity, so he was happy to give up the weave poles, and run from Misty.

Sorry about all the barking. Our neighbor was in the yard raking, and it is Misty's job to bark at him.

I am just loving my tripod!

Hope you liked the video Miles!


Ricky the Sheltie said...

Cute video! Your backyard is great - looks like you live right in the woods. I can totally understand Misty barking at the rake - that's my job here too!

betty said...

I had to laugh when Misty walked around the tube. That is what I would do, but I think Miles would race right through it. Oreo loves to play and work.

Sara said...

Misty is so funny. For a second it looks like she might go thru the tunnel, but she never does.

It's like she is saying, "Why is this stuff always in my way?"

Lian said...

Oreo looks so happy and enjoyed the play and I just love Misty, she is so sweet, especially when Oreo is weaving, maybe you should give her a go at it. I think she will enjoy it as a game.

Sara said...

Everyone loves Misty (except my neighbor who hates her bark). I've tried to get her to tunnel and jump, but she always runs the other way. Although, I think she is starting to show more interest lately, now that Oreo is getting more "serious", and he is having so much fun.

I'll keep trying with Misty. She still enjoys a good chase around the yard, a long walk, and then a good cuddle on the couch.