Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Thank you to everyone who sent get well wishes to Misty.

She is doing great, and making sure all the neighbors know she's in the yard by barking at everything that moves. That's her job.

I got the blood work results back from the vet yesterday. She said everything looked fine, except one item was slightly elevated. She said it could be due to a GI issue, liver, bone, etc. She is hoping the antibiotic Misty is on, will clear it up, and suggested we rerun the blood work in a month to see if the level returned to normal.

So, it sounds like she is not too concerned, and as long as she didn't mention the dreaded "C" word I am happy.

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Lian said...

Glad Misty is well. It is always a worried when our dogs are not well. Please give her some cuddles from us and all my boys send licks across the ocean to her xxx