Saturday, November 29, 2008

Misty learns to table

Misty learned how to "table" today.

Now, you'd think this would be an easy thing to teach a dog. All she had to do was hop up on the table. Misty hops up on the couch and the bed with no problem.

The way Misty was acting you would have thought I was asking her to jump into a cage filled with hungry lions.

I tried to lure her with treats. I patted the table. I put her on a leash and tried to pull her up.

None of that worked. So, I resorted to physically lifting her up, setting her on the table and feeding her treats.

Then, she jumped off.

Again, I tried to lure her up by patting the table. No dice.

I lifted her up again and fed her treats, saying "table, table", making it as happy a place as I could.

We repeated this several times.

Finally, I sent her through the tunnel, then said "table" and surprisingly, Misty hopped up on the table, sat and wagged her tail!

I was shocked. I said, "Jackpot!" Misty got a whole handful of treats.
Then Misty couldn't get enough of the table. She would run through the tunnel, and onto the table over and over.

She'd bark at the neighbor, then run up on the table, stand on it and bark.

Misty may take a little longer than Oreo to learn something, but once she gets it, she gets it.

Misty is just loving the agility game. This afternoon, I set up three jumps and the tunnel/chute all in a row. She adored running that over and over. Misty is even doing most things on her own now, without treats ~ a true sign that she is having fun.

I just love that little sparkle in her eye when she runs toward me out of the tunnel. It's like she's saying, "Let's do it again, Mom!"


Josh and Jess said...

Hello there, Misty! Josh and Jess here, brother'n'sister Sheltie team from New Zealand. We just discovered you over on Ricky's blog. That's good that you mastered the 'table'. :) You certainly look like you're having fun there! We'll be back soon to read more about you and Oreo.

Josh and Jess

betty said...

What a great day for Misty and for you! All the new fun activities will keep Misty agile and alert.
With Oreo and Misty now training, you will be in good shape for a marathon.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Yay, Misty!!!