Tuesday, November 18, 2008

double dog tunneling

Boy is Misty making progress! If you know Misty, this is just amazing. She gets scared when I carry the laundry basket anywhere near her head. So, the fact that she is running through a tunnel is a huge accomplishment for her.

Today, I got her to go through the big tunnel in the yard. Her confidence is growing by the minute. I even caught her going through it later on her own, when she thought I wasn't looking!

She also barreled through it while she was chasing Oreo around the yard.

I am so glad Lian encouraged me to try and teach Misty some agility. She seems to be enjoying it and likes the extra attention.

Here is a video of some "double dog tunneling".

Then, I decided to see if Misty would jump. She did! I kept the jump low for learning, plus she's not a youngster.

Then, Misty did a tunnel, jump sequence!

Can you believe it? I can't believe I doubted her for so long.

Maybe they can start a new agility category for running two dogs on the course at the same time! My dogs might win.


Diana said...

Yea Misty. Both dogs look like they are having a good time. Yes we still have leaves but its cold enough today for snow. I wish we would get snow. I dont think it has snowed here in 5 years. Diana

Lian said...

WOW! That is fantastic!! Way to go Misty!!She is so clever and I can see how much she enjoys being involved in the game with Oreo. I bet the next thing is weave? I just love her, as I always say, she is special!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Synchronized agility! Awesome! You've invented a new sport!

Dreadnought said...

Hi Sara, I just popped in to see you three having a great time, you make me feel tired watching you, I reckon you need to give yourself one of those treats too after all that running around!! Bob.

Sara said...

The dogs do wear me out, but it is by far my favorite part of the day. I sleep well at night, and have three "oreo" cookies before bed.