Friday, November 28, 2008

better than the mall

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I have the day off, so instead of going to the mall, I headed to the farm to enjoy some peace, tranquility and run around with Oreo at the indoor agility ring.

Oreo had a lot of fun. There was a good course set up, so we were able to practice a long sequence using all the obstacles. I had planned to spend an hour there, and had brought my hat and mittens. I ended up spending only half an hour, never used my hat or mittens, and had to take off my coat! I think I worked off the pecan pie and am now ready for leftovers.

Oreo was thrilled that the full size teeter was set up. He did excellent work slowing down, and allowing the teeter to drop before hopping off. Oreo is so cute when he teeters. He knows exactly where to stop, and then braces himself while the teeter pivots down. He would teeter all day long if I would let him.

We worked on targeting on the dogwalk and A-Frame, and that went ok. Still not perfect, but he is hitting the contacts.
Oreo's main problem today was that several times when he got to the top of the dogwalk or A-Frame, he wanted to stop and look out the windows. I had to put a treat on the target in order to get him moving.
Did someone say ADD? Wonder if they prescribe Ritalin for dogs?

We'll be heading back to the farm for our class tomorrow morning. I am hoping that Oreo will acclimate himself quickly, since it will be such a short turnaround time this week, and he had a relatively stress free experience there today.

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Ricky the Sheltie said...

Much better than the mall! You're lucky to have such an awesome place to practice! Good luck with your class today...