Saturday, November 8, 2008

agility class 3

Had another great class today.

I started using a clicker with Oreo this week, and have really focused on using it with his target training. I was excited to see if it would carry over in his class today, because it was working quite well at home.

We got to try it out on the A-Frame. Oreo went up over the A-Frame, I said, "target", and Oreo stopped with two paws on and two paws off the obstacle in perfect form. I clicked, and he got his hot dog. Our practice paid off. Love when that happens.

We worked our dogs mostly off leash today, which was great. Oreo was very responsive, and for the first time in a class setting he seemed to really be enjoying himself. I actually had to hold him back, because he was so excited and had trouble waiting his turn. Oreo kept positioning himself so he could watch the other dogs doing the obstacles, and then tried to inch his way up in line, so he could go next.

Guess I need to work on his manners a bit, but I was thrilled to see him relaxing.

Our teacher's husband always stops in for the last few minutes of our class, and he said that he can see Oreo's confidence building already, even in the brief moments that he has seen him.

That made me feel good.


Lian said...

Well done with your clicker work with Oreo, he is such a clever boy!

Diana said...

Yea!!!! Diana

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Wow sounds like you and Oreo had an awesome class!! That's great!