Wednesday, October 15, 2008

new toy

I read in an agility book that finding a highly motivational toy, that you use solely for agility is a good idea.

Oreo loves his orbee ball, but we play with it all day, everyday. I can't see taking it away, and using it only when we do agility. So, I decided to seek out a new toy.

The dogs that I see doing agility on TV always seem to like tugging on a toy after completing their run. Oreo never really showed much interest in tug toys, but perhaps I just never found the right one.

I went on a website that caters to agility people, and yes there are a lot of us agility freaks out there. I clicked on toys, then tug toys, and came to a page of about 8 to choose from. Unfortunately, the "best sellers" were all sold out.

I read the descriptions of the best selling tug toys, and saw that they were all made out of real animal fur. Rabbit fur.


I went back to the available choices, and found one tug toy left that was made of rabbit fur. I threw it in my cart and checked out.

Now, can a dog really decipher real fur from fake fur? Surely the fur has gone through some sort of process before being made into a toy? Why are these toys hot items?

My package arrived two days later. I took the toy out of the box.

Disturbingly, the fur was soft, white and fuzzy. Exactly like my pet bunny had been.

In the photo online, the fur had been dark gray in color. Similar to the wild rabbit, who had been eating my plants, and destroying my garden earlier this year.

Had a sweet, innocent bunny with a pink nose actually been harmed in the making of this toy? What had I done?

Quickly, I erased that thought from my mind, and showed the toy to Oreo. Immediately, he showed an interest. Within seconds, his mouth was on it, and minutes later we were involved in a lively tugging match. Clearly, Oreo knows what real rabbit fur is, and he likes it.

Soon, Oreo was jumping, tunneling, weaving, teetering, and basically following me (person holding the rabbit fur) all over the yard.

Now, I know why these toys are sold out.

I can't wait to take the toy to the agility field, and see if Oreo shows an interest in the toy there.


betty said...

Oreo is amazing. I am amazed and flabbergasted. Do you think it is the smell? What was Misty's reaction?

Lian said...

WOW! That tug toy looks interesting, which website did you get it from. My Sizzle is not interested in tugging either, so I am searching one that could have interest him.

I like Oreo's training video and loves to see Misty went over the Frame.

Sara said...

I got the toy from

Even my old girl Misty, who doesn't play with toys anymore, showed some interest in it. She came over took a nice long whiff.

I'll have to get a new video of Oreo up soon, he has gotten so much better since that first video. They learn so quick.

Ricky the Sheltie said...

That's so interesting because mom was just looking at the rabbit fur toys at cleanrun yesterday and thinking about getting me one. I love to tug at home but won't tug in class. So it really works, huh?

Anonymous said...

love the new picture.


Sara said...

Ricky, it might be worth a try.

Although, I know Oreo likes to look at what all the other dogs are doing during class, rather than play with toys.

We'll have to see if he is still obsessed with the rabbit fur when we go to the agility field.