Friday, October 31, 2008

my baby girl

I had a scare with Misty this week.

Yesterday morning, I found a pee puddle on our couch. I knew it had been from Misty, not Oreo, as he never leaves my side in the morning. Misty had been laying on the couch after eating breakfast.

My dogs never pee in the house.

That made me think of the previous morning, when I had stepped on the carpet, and felt a wet spot. I had attributed that to wet paws, even though I questioned how their paws had gotten wet in the first place.

This morning, I checked the carpet again, after Misty stood up, and there were more wet spots.

Also, I have been noticing the past few weeks that Misty's poop has been smaller than usual, but have attributed that to many other things.

The combination of the two symptoms got me really nervous, as they were Munchkin's two symptoms right before he was diagnosed with cancer. Plus, Misty is almost the same age as Munchkin when he got the doomsday diagnosis.

I had Jeff bring Misty over to the vet this morning, while I was at work hosting Halloween parties for my students.

At first, I was going to wait until Monday to take her to the vet myself, because I am trying hard not to rush my dogs to the vet everytime I see the slightest change in their behavior. Plus, Misty didn't seem to be in any sort of discomfort. However, I knew I would be a nervous wreck and a googling fool all weekend if I didn't get her in today.

The vet did a urinalysis and ran some blood work. From the urinalysis, she thinks Misty has either a kidney or bladder infection. Her poop has been smaller, because her anal glands were impacted (sorry, I know that's gross). So, she put Misty on an antibiotic, drained her anal glands, and then cleaned her up for us too (that's a very stinky process).

The vet says I caught the infection really early, and if I had waited over the weekend Misty would have been in a lot of discomfort.

Hopefully, the blood work comes back normal, and Misty has a clean bill of health. She is eating and playing like her usual self, so I think she is going to be fine.

I know I'll sleep better tonight. I hope Misty will too.


Lian said...

Oh poor little girlie! Glad she has been treated. Please giver her extra cuddles from all of us, all my boys send their licks.

Diana said...

I hope she feels better soon. Diana